11 Most Effective Paraphrasing Tools for Improving Your Content 

Content marketing is all the rage nowadays. Digital marketers have figured out that content marketing has a great return on investment (ROI) and has long-term benefits particularly when the content is evergreen

Precisely because of these benefits, content marketing is now one of the most popular methods of digital marketing. This has resulted in many brands and companies creating their own blogs and websites to run their own content marketing campaigns. 

However, this has also created a very tough, competitive environment. As such, content writers are under a lot of pressure to create high-quality articles and blog posts almost daily. Such a high-pressure environment is not good for anyone.

But there is a way out and that is to rely on content optimization tools such as paraphrasers. Online paraphrasers are tools that can automatically rephrase text without changing its inherent meaning. They have a variety of uses and benefits, especially in content writing and now we will check out eleven paraphrasers that you can use in 2022.

11 Effective Paraphrasers for Improving Content

  1. Prepostseo

Prepostseo is an online platform that provides multiple content optimization tools one of which is the paraphraser. 

11 Most Effective Paraphrasing Tools for Improving Your Content  1

The paraphraser by Prepostseo is pretty handy for a free tool. It comes with three paraphrasing modes out of the box and a fourth can be unlocked by paying for it.

The free modes are as follows:

  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Fluency

In brief terms, the Standard mode only replaces words with their synonyms without doing anything else. The Advanced mode replaces phrases and sentences in addition to words. The Fluency mode changes anything it can to make the text easier to read, which includes sentence structure as well.

Other features of this tool make it stand out as well. It supports 18 languages for paraphrasing and they are also available for free. When it comes to inputting text for rephrasing the options are more than you would expect.  You can copy-paste text, write it, or even upload a file from your device. But other than that, you can also import files from Google Drive as well. 

Apart from these features, it also allows the user to exclude certain words from being rephrased, so if you don’t want your keywords to get altered you can use this option.

  1. Linguix

The paraphraser by Linguix is a little bit different than most tools you get to see on the internet. It is a free tool as well, but to get the most out of its features you have to create an account. Once you do you get a really powerful paraphraser.

11 Most Effective Paraphrasing Tools for Improving Your Content  2

It does not have multiple modes of paraphrasing, but you can still expect to see different variations. It does not have any word limits when it comes to how much text it can paraphrase.

The method of paraphrasing is quite different from other tools. In other tools, you have to input your text and then press some kind of button for confirmation. In Linguix, you have to select the text that you want to reword and click on the small icon that shows up after you are done selecting.

Clicking the icon opens a drop-down menu that shows multiple rewritten versions of each sentence you selected. You can choose the variation that you like the best and apply it to your text. 

The input methods are the standard ones; type, paste, or upload a file from the device. One thing of note is that the tool allows you to choose the level of English you have and paraphrase according to it. The levels are:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced.
  1. Paraphraser

Paraphraser is also a platform for content optimization tools. And its namesake the paraphraser tool is also part of the toolkit. The paraphrasing tool is free to use and also does not require registration. 

11 Most Effective Paraphrasing Tools for Improving Your Content  3

This rewriting tool comes with two paraphrasing modes that are available for free, and two that are premium only, for a grand total of four modes.

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The free modes are called:

  • Standard mode
  • Fluency mode

The Standard mode makes very minimal changes to the text, it replaces some words with their synonyms and that’s it. The synonyms used can be either difficult, rare, or more common than the word replaced. 

The Fluency mode on the other hand changes a lot of stuff. It aims to make the text easier to read, and it succeeds most of the time. Occasionally it will make a small mistake and replace a word with a synonym that does not fit the context very well.

The standard input options are available here as well. You can upload files directly from your computer/mobile, paste the text into the text box or write it manually. 

It also supports eighteen languages including English, German, Japanese, and Russian, etc., etc. The only downside of this tool is that it can only paraphrase up to 400 words per query which are abysmally low.

  1. Custom-writing

The paraphraser by Custom-writing is very different from the tools we have discussed until now. 

The only common things are that it is free and does not require registration. Other than that, nothing else is the same.

11 Most Effective Paraphrasing Tools for Improving Your Content  4

The rephrasing tool does not have any modes but it offers diversity in the form of the percentage of replaced words. You can choose to replace from 20% to up to 100% words from the text. But the slider has six fixed intervals that go from 0%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%.

You can only choose from these six values and nothing else. The input limit is 6,500 characters, which is quite a bit larger than 400 words. The output is shown in a different text box underneath the input box. 

It contains the paraphrased text and all the replaced words are written in green. Clicking on them opens a small list with different synonyms for that word, you can select a new word to replace the old one from that list.

The output cannot be downloaded, you can only copy it manually. A drawback of this tool is that the more words you replace the less readable the output is. The replaced words make it very jarring to read. So, for best results, the amount of replaced words should not exceed more than 40%. 

  1. Editpad

Editpad is an online toolkit that provides various kinds of tools. Content optimization tools are just part of what it has to offer.

11 Most Effective Paraphrasing Tools for Improving Your Content  5

The paraphraser by Editpad.org is quite competent. It is completely free and comes with four paraphrasing modes. They are called:

  • Smooth
  • Formal 
  • Smart
  • Improver

The Smooth mode makes the text easier to read. The rephrased text can be read very fluently and it just rolls off your tongue.

The Formal mode changes the tone of the text to make it more suited for official settings.

The Smarter mode is useful for removing weak parts of your text such as passive voice and adverbs. It paraphrases the input by changing everything into an active voice which makes the text more powerful.

The Improver mode changes the tenses a little bit to make the text more compelling and effective in delivering its message. When we tested it, it changed the future tense into the present continuous tense and that made the message hold more weight.

Other features of this tool are its multiple language support, multiple input options, and three options related to the output. 

The languages supported are seventeen in total and they include most of the popular languages such as English, Japanese, Russian, German, Indonesian, and Chinese.

When it comes to inputting your text, this tool allows you to either copy-paste it, write it manually, or upload a Doc, Docx, and txt file from your device.

Finally, the output can be processed further by using the integrations for other tools on Editpad.org or it can be downloaded as a Word file, or simply copied.

  1. Ivypanda
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The paraphraser by Ivypanda.com is a free tool and it does not require an account. You can use the tool after visiting the webpage without any preamble. 

11 Most Effective Paraphrasing Tools for Improving Your Content  6

This tool does not have as many features as most other tools on this list and in this regard, it is quite similar to the paraphraser by custom-writing.org. 

The paraphraser by Ivypanda.com does not have multiple rephrasing modes, instead, you get the option to choose the amount of replaced words. There are options and they are:

  • 20%
  • 40%
  • 60%
  • 80%
  • 100%

The more words you replace the higher the degree of uniqueness. We would not recommend going above 60% though, as more words are replaced the text becomes harder to read as well.

11 Most Effective Paraphrasing Tools for Improving Your Content  7

The other features of this tool are that the user can edit the output by clicking on the colored words. The colored words are the additions/replacements made by the tool and clicking on them opens a small menu that lists other synonyms for those words.

Finally, the output itself can be copied easily using the “COPY TO CLIPBOARD” button. Some limitations of this tool are its 5,500-character limit which is not considered small or large, but it is definitely restrictive.

  1. Ref-n-write

Ref-n-write.com is a website made to aid researchers. It provides a paraphrasing tool that is quite helpful. 

It is available for free, but you need to create an account before and possibly pay as well to get the most of its features. The free trial version can be accessed without registration, but it is limited to paraphrasing a few lines only.

11 Most Effective Paraphrasing Tools for Improving Your Content  8

There are two modes available in this tool. They are called:

  • Paraphrase
  • Word Choices

The Paraphrase mode rephrases most of the text automatically and the synonyms that it uses to replace the words are determined by itself. The final result is a rewritten text that can be copied and used as it is.

11 Most Effective Paraphrasing Tools for Improving Your Content  9

The Word Choices mode is different in the sense that the synonyms used are left to the user rather than the tool. Each word that has to be replaced is highlighted in purple and different synonyms for them are listed afterward in square brackets. 

Unfortunately, you cannot click on the synonym you like and add it to the text, instead, you have to manually reword the entire text yourself.

It is good for removing self-plagiarism from academic writing and content writing. The trial version is good for rephrasing small parts of your text.

  1. Contentbot

The paraphrasing tool by Contentbot is much more than it seems at first glance. It is available for free, but free users can only paraphrase 500 words per month (sadly). You have to create an account if you want to use more features and have a larger word count.

11 Most Effective Paraphrasing Tools for Improving Your Content  10

It offers different degrees of variability in the text. At the lowest level, only a few words are changed and while at the highest level the tool starts adding details that did not exist in the original text.

When adding previously non-existent details to the text, the tool checks the context and tries to add information related to it. This can work out splendidly sometimes, while in other cases, you just get confused as to how the tool decided to add such irrelevant stuff.

Most of these worries can be alleviated by registering and creating an account as that version has many more features and even has a content generation tool. 

  1. Edubirdie

Edubirdie offers a paraphraser that is similar to the one by Linguix. It does not paraphrase all your text automatically, instead, it highlights words that can be paraphrased, and then the user can click on them to see their synonyms.

Unlike the paraphraser by Ref-n-write.com where you could only see the synonyms, the paraphraser by Edubirdie.com lets you replace the original word with the synonym that you choose.

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11 Most Effective Paraphrasing Tools for Improving Your Content  11

This method is slower than the automatic paraphrasers but it lets you apply the best changes to the text. The output can be tailored according to your tastes and you can also avoid any grammatical mistakes. 

Once you are satisfied with the paraphrasing, you can click the “Finish” button to see the text in its usual form. You can copy this version and paste it wherever you like.

The best thing about this tool is that it is free, does not require registration, and does not even have a word limit. You are free to paraphrase as much as you want.

  1. Spinbot

Spinbot is a small website that provides a text spinner and paraphrasing tool. The paraphrasing tool is free to use and it has some good things to offer.

11 Most Effective Paraphrasing Tools for Improving Your Content  12

First of all, it has a feature that allows the user to increase or decrease the length of their text after it has been paraphrased. There are three options available in this case, they are as follows:

  • Shorter text 
  • Random
  • Longer text

The Random option can choose between shorter or longer text by itself. Essentially, you are just leaving it up to the tool itself. The other modes’ names are self-explanatory. There is no rule on how much the text needs to be shortened or lengthened.

The second feature is that users can add words to the tool which they don’t want to be replaced. This is useful for content writers who do not want their keywords to be changed during the rewriting process.

The tool also has the option to paraphrase words that start with capital letters as well. The final feature is the choice between Basic paraphrase and Advanced paraphrase. The only thing is that if you click on Advanced paraphrase, you get redirected to a different tool altogether, so Spinbot.com practically has one mode only.

The paraphraser by Spinbot.com is not very free-user friendly, as it only allows two uses per day for free users.

  1. Onlineparaphraser

The rephraser by Onlineparaphraser is a pretty simple tool. It does not have a flashy design at all. Blue accents on a white background with two textboxes in the middle portray the simple design philosophy of the creators. 

11 Most Effective Paraphrasing Tools for Improving Your Content  13

There aren’t any fancy modes or features on display, so the user is limited to simply copy-pasting/writing their text in the input field and clicking the “Paraphrase Now” button.

The tool does its work and you get a pretty serviceable rephrased text. There are no options to download the text and you are limited to only copying it. The tool can process up to 1,000 words with no issue, but any longer than that will make it misbehave a little bit.

It is only natural that such a simple tool is also free to use and requires no registration. It also does not have limits on the number of times you can use it, so it is great for bulk work.


Paraphrasing and rewriting are important for a variety of purposes. They add diversity in how the same ideas can be presented and they allow writers to channel their personality in their work. Thus, it can be seen that rephrasing is required to create unique and high-quality works.

However, due to the extremely large demand for content on a daily basis, writers often do not find the time to put in the extra effort that is required for rewriting. That’s where they can rely on paraphrasing tools to do the job for them.

We discussed eleven paraphrasing tools in this article, most of these tools are free, but still provide great features and results. You can employ these tools right now by simply visiting their website.

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