13 Best AI Copywriting Tools: Free and Paid Version

Before we begin let’s understand, What does a copywriter actually do?

Copywriters are in charge of crafting content that persuades and convinces people to pay attention to the products or services you provide. AI copywriting tools are likely to make a copywriter’s job much easier.

The role of AI copywriters simply offers an alternative solution for marketers who want their marketing efforts to be more cost-effective, engaging, and efficient. AI copywriters can take on some of your writing tasks and produce equally impressive content but at a lower cost. AI copywriters have already been used to write movie screenplays and hip-hop lyrics. AI copywriters could be an important tool in your AI marketing strategy.

“Our aim is to make AI-driven content accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We are looking into the AI tools that will help us create better content for our readers; we want you to benefit from AI, too!”

What kind of AI copywriting tools are out there?

There are 3 main AI writing methods:

  1. Algorithmic AI
  2. Neural AI
  3. Deep learning AI

The first two categories use a lot less data than the last option, and they use algorithms to take grammar rules into account when creating content for you. Let’s explore each AI writing method in a little more detail.

Algorithmic or neural AI writers are used to write AI copy that conveys the desired message and is grammatically correct. There is a multitude of AI writing tools out there, and we’ll show you just 13 of them today!

What AI writer tool should I choose?

If you want an AI copywriting tool that is most likely to translate your message into engaging content and stick to your specific guidelines, algorithmic AI writers would be the method for you.

Most of AI copywriting tool uses a variety of algorithms to create high-quality AI-generated content. Content-based on AI neural networks and Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) to generate AI copywriting that is grammatically correct at all times. The tools use AI natural language generation, AI NLG, or AI NLP algorithms to create content for businesses in a variety of industries.

In addition, the AI tool employs several other AI writing methods such as AI copywriting algorithms, AI predictive text, an AI chatbot. AI copywriter also uses AI sentence structuring AI tools to ensure that the content produced has just the right amount of structure and doesn’t leave out important details.

What are the best AI copywriting tools?

Which are the best AI writing tools? Let’s have a look at each of them.

The 13 Best AI Copywriters

  1. Jasper.AI (Formerly known as Jarvis.ai / Conversion.ai)
  2. Copy.AI
  3. CopySmith
  4. Snazzy.ai (Acquired by Unbounce)
  5. writesonic
  6. rytr.me
  7. Headlime (Aquired by Jasper.ai)
  8. Copysmith.ai
  9. Kafkai 
  10. CopyShark 
  11. AI writer
  12. Wordsmith
  13. ShortlyAI

1. Jasper AI (Formerly Jarvis.ai)

Jasper.ai creates content for blogs, ads, and social media marketing from a unique perspective based on the interests of your audience. The Jasper uses conversational language with human-like free flow to create engaging, interesting, shareable, and click-worthy AI-generated content.

Jasper.ai uses machine learning AI writing algorithms to identify patterns in content that have performed well.

Jasper can be used in a variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, or even entertainment. It is a great AI copywriting tool.

Japer uses natural language generation (NLG) to create content from a human perspective.

Jasper is capable of creating highly engaging and shareable AI copywriting using topic, tone, voice, and mood. Jasper creates a full draft in just a few clicks if you are in boss mode and then offers edits that are perfect for you to review once it has finalized the first draft. It can be used to generate hundreds of articles that are always grammatically correct and 100% unique. It learns from your previous work, and personalizes the article based on your tone and style, at scale (handles all aspects of a campaign automatically). Jasper is able to create an unlimited amount of content variations.

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Jasper automatically creates content for a variety of industries that it deems relevant based on your preferences and keywords provided to you. Jasper is an AI copywriting tool that employs algorithms to generate well-structured, grammatically correct content with the tone of the language you have selected as well as topic sentences and word choices that match your writing style. It can be used to generate unique, proprietary content for multiple variations of a single topic you provide in order to build authority, drive search engine traffic and increase conversions. It is also capable of making personalized adjustments based on your preferences and writing style.

Jasper uses AI copywriting tools (Jarvis.ai / Conversational AI) Jasper generates content for you based on what the user wants. It is quick to produce high-quality data and it has a built-in NLP engine too. It has pre-built templates so you can just pick the right templated feed some keyword and topic data and let it do the magic for you. 

User Experience: The Jasper has a clean, well-designed interface. It has acquired a few AI startups and integrated the best of them into Jarvis so you can get the best content. The only drawback that I see is its price. Jasper is more expensive than other alternatives/competitors but when it comes to results it’s acceptable. 

Boss Mode: The boss mode is a new feature in Jarvis which helps you write the content like a boss. You just need to instruct Jasper and he will write the content for you.

Jasper Free Trial: Offers 10000 words and 5 days free trial. Use this link to get a free trial. 

Read our Review on Jarvis

  • Jarvis Pricing Plan:  $29/month
  • Unlimited Pro Plan: $109/month
  • Boss Mode: $119/month

Note: It has a lot of features and hence it fits all the content marketers, agencies, and freelancers.

2. Copy.AI

CopyAI is one of the best and most inexpensive AI copywriting tools.

CopyAI also learns as it goes, and gets better at copywriting with more practice.

copy generated by CopyAI is human readable, contextual, SEO friendly, and highly engaging copy.

And copy generated by Copy.AI is about 3X more engaging than most copy you write.

The copy coming out of the CopyAI copywriting tool is very human-readable, as it has been trained to mimic the natural language and sentence structure, enabling your readers to understand content faster and better.

CopyAI is one of the best AI copywriting tools out there.

Pricing: Copy.ai has a free trial. Standard Plan costs $35/month

3. CopySmith.ai

CopySmith is one of the fastest, most affordable, and most accurate AI copywriting tools.

It generates quality human-readable content at scale within minutes for any topic or industry. CopySmith uses CopySmith Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology to create highly readable content that is contextualized and SEO optimized – with the tone you want. CopySmith can generate thousands of articles, and CopySmith AI Copywriting is easy to use with a simple guided setup. CopySmith employs Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), deep learning, and natural language generation techniques to generate content with context, relevant keywords, and tone.

Copysmith Pricing: There are two plans:

  • Starter: Starter plan cost $19/month or $16/month when you go for yearly plan.
  • Professional: $59/month or $50/mo when you go for a yearly plan.

4. Snazzy.ai

Snazzy employs the latest in deep learning algorithms to understand user preferences, and writing style and construct unique high-quality original content at scale. The Snazzy composes natural language from scratch without copying existing text.  The Snazzy AI Copywriting tool also employs statistical and linguistic techniques to choose words, and sentence structures and incorporate SEO-optimized content into its copy.

  • Snazzy Pricing: The starter plan is free and you get 5 generations per day.
  • Growth plan: $49/month or $25/mo when you go for the yearly plan.
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5. writesonic

Writesonic’s AI uses data collected from its millions of users to understand the context, intent, and audience for every single sentence that it generates. Writesonic AI Copywriting tool aims to solve what have traditionally been difficult problems in content marketing – automatically generating engaging text that not only sells your product but also adds value to your reader. Writesonic AI uses Writesonic’s proprietary technology and is designed to create highly engaging copy for content marketing, product descriptions, blogs, advertising copy, etc. Writesonic allows you to start with an outline to guide your writing then lets Writesonic do the rest of the work, creating engaging content every time.  Writesonic is a great tool for bloggers, marketers, companies, and organizations. Writesonic is the only system that combines AI with a human touch – allowing you to create content quickly while maintaining the tone of your brand as well as the focus on specific keywords. Writesonic, a new artificial intelligence writing tool from Writesonic that helps you write better marketing copy.

Writesonic pros are :

  • It is SEO Friendly and has a Clean, Well-designed interface.
  • Easy to Use

Writesonic Price Plan: 

  • Writesonic has a free trial plan with limitations.  
  • The Writesonic starter is $29 per month (Basic), 
  • Writesonic Professional cost $39/month and 
  • The business plan costs $199/month.

6. Rytr.me

Rytr is an AI-powered writing tool that helps you create high-quality content, in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost via its ever-growing features and affordable price. Rytr uses the same GPT-3 AI as “Jarvis” and has a plagiarism checker for better writing. In addition, there are some more options available on rytr.me like the Unlimited option etc.  

Rytr is a fantastic, time-saving AI tool to write product descriptions and blog posts.

I’ve saved so much time using Rytr. For people who don’t want to write anything, you could have the AI write everything and just post it as-is. But I like to use Rytr as a first draft generator and then go back and edit myself with my own words/thoughts for personal content.”

The rytr pricing plans are as follows:

Rytr Pricing Plan :

  • Free (Basic) Plan: Get 5000 characters per month
  • Rtyer Premium Unlimited Plan: $29/month or $290/year

7. Headlime

Headlime is a Headline Optimized Content Marketing Platform that can be used by Headline Optimization experts, bloggers, or content marketers to generate compelling and valuable headlines for marketing the products, services, and ideas. Headline Generates with automation of keyword research to increase traffic on your blog posts and articles. Headline Optimization Headlines Generator tool was released on Headlime Head and it’s a lot of fun to use!

Note: Headlime was recently acquired by Jarvis. Headlime features are not integrated in Jarvis.

8. Kafkai

Kafkai is the first AI writer for generating the content, built exclusively for SEOs and marketers. Kafkai uses machine learning techniques on the data set of 1B+ articles to build its model that can generate 100% unique, readable, and engaging content. Kafkai understands the context, it is much better at writing than any other existing tool on the market. Kafkai also detects topics in the middle of a sentence and generates contextual information about that topic to make articles more specific.

Kafkai pricing: Kafkai costs $29/ month onwards and goes upto $199/month. Kafkai has a 3-day free trial.

10. CopyShark.ai

CopyShark is the first and only full-featured Copywriting Software that writes content specifically for Facebook, Google Ads, Google Product Listings, and YouTube.  CopyShark has a GPT-3 (Generative Preference Tradeoff – Triangular Normative Model) AI engine inside it which can generate thousands of ad variants with different words and lingo that are specific to your business. CopyShark also has a plagiarism checker, which is essential for writing high-quality advertisement copy with zero plagiarism!

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CopyShark Pricing: Pricing starts at $99/month or a $799 yearly plan. 

11. AI Writer

AI Writer covers a wide range of topics including AI, Cryptocurrency, Crypto Trading, AI Trader, Deep Learning AI. AI Writer site offers articles on AI based on your keywords and topic required and it will churn out an entire article within minutes. AI Writer has been used by over 10000 clients all around the globe to get more exposure to their AI technologies. AI Writer has optimized its AI-based algorithm with the help of AI-based on site’s AI research team to deliver better AI outputs for clients using AI Writer service.

AI Writer Pricing: 

  • Plans start at $19/month (for upto 40 article revisions). And
  • Standard plan $49/month upto 120 articles.

12. Wordsmith

Wordsmith is a writing tool that uses AI to turn your muddled thoughts into clean and clear prose. Wordsmith is like an internal editor that understands what you want to say, then finds the best way to organize it in a logical flow. Wordsmith also comes bundled with Watson Alchemy Language Understanding, which can understand tough questions and generate answers on any topic. Wordsmith will read through your document and highlight phrases, sentences, or whole paragraphs that are hard to understand. Wordsmith also provides a natural language understanding tool that you can use to see exactly how Wordsmith thinks about the meaning of specific phrases. Wordsmith analyzes your text with Watson Alchemy Language Understanding and returns an assessment.

13. ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI is a platform that provides a fully automated writing solution for copywriters. ShortlyAI has a blank canvas for content generation, that will make your life easier and faster, allowing you to focus on more important tasks. ShortlyAI can write initial drafts for sales pages, blogs, product descriptions, web pages, and much more. ShortlyAI can create contents of various sizes (from 300 words to 3000 words).

ShortlyAI Pricing: $79/month or $65/month with 2 months free when you signup for yearly plan.

Note: ShortlyAI has been acquired by Jarvis. The ShortlyAI features are integrated in Jarvis Boss Mode.

Will AI replace copywriters?

AI, blended with human intelligence, could be the copywriting AI tool we’ve been looking for to help us reach our customers better. Content creators AI tools will always exist, but they will have to work alongside other artificial intelligence machines in order to create creative content.

What is AI copywriting? and How does it Work?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the ability of a machine to simulate human intelligence. AI Copywriting refers to computer-generated text using natural language processing tools. AI copywriting can be used for anything from generating product descriptions and PPC ads, to writing blog posts or even whitepapers, but this article will focus on the best AI copywriting tools. AI Copywriting is one of the most popular AI approaches which could help you create more content in less time.


AI copywriting tools will be around now. All the AI tools utilize the GPT-3 Open.AI API.

GPT-3 is a ‘neural’ AI tool that learns to write. GPT-3 can generate copy for multiple purposes. All the AI tools use the same GPT-3 API but output depends on how they have coded and trained their program. Jarvis has been trained to do most of the copywriting tasks.

GPT can learn from what it’s being taught and creates AI copywriting for any purpose you specify, which is more useful than using ordinary copywriters as GPT works 24/7 on its own without getting tired. GPT can create content for any purpose in line with requirements. GPT will generate new ideas and formats you have never thought of before, but GPT can also note down your particular preferences such as writing styles or preferred headlines which GPT has been taught to do by GPT-2 or GPT-3.

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