Outbound Marketing Strategy: Ineffective or Misunderstood?

The success of inbound marketing has overshadowed outbound marketing strategies for the past few decades. However, outbound marketing strategies give businesses a certain upper hand that inbound marketing lacks. 

In outbound marketing, businesses reach out to their audience to generate leads. Advertisements of any kind are considered outbound marketing. However, traditional TV and radio ads, print media, and trade shows are not as effective as they used to be.

Outbound marketing tactics have changed a lot over the years. Now businesses utilize social media ads, cold outreaching, cold calling, direct mails, and networking are the prominent outbound marketing strategies.

Here, we will discuss these strategies in detail.

Effective Outbound Strategies for 2022

Outbound marketing targets a wide spectrum of audiences with creative marketing strategies. Traditional and digital advertising, social media outreach, cold outreaching, and trade shows are some of the important techniques in this manner.

However, due to the widespread success of inbound marketing, outbound strategies are utilized less and less. The importance of social media in inbound marketing is pushing businesses further from outbound strategies. Yet, without outbound marketing, businesses are not doing everything to reach out to their potential customers.

Therefore, many businesses are still utilizing outbound strategies in new forms. Social media advertising, cold outreach, direct mail, and networking have replaced traditional ads to boost outbound marketing for businesses in recent days. 

Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing is often considered inbound marketing and is done alongside content marketing and SEO. While these tactics can bring exceptional results in the long term, they don’t offer much in terms of short-term success. 

This can be a huge problem for businesses with few social media followers and minimal inbound traffic. In such cases, social media and search engine advertising can support the business in gaining traffic and followers. 

While businesses wait for their content marketing and SEO to drive results, these advertisements can complement the success of short-term results. Also, as the competition is intense on social media platforms, boosting posts is almost necessary to gain attention from the appropriate audience. 

With blended inbound and outbound marketing, businesses can generate less content while generating more audience. It may be costly to advertise on search engines or social media. However, when paired with helpful content and good SEO practices, the business can bring better ROI.

Cold Outreaching

Although businesses are always doubting cold outreach via calls or email, they can bring valuable leads for them. The secret is to make the cold outreaching fun and focus on general human connection.

Most businesses treat their audience as another name on the list rather than a living, breathing human being. Thus, the success of this marketing is compromised significantly. Businesses need to conduct thorough research before reaching out to peers and personalize the outreach to gain maximum benefits from cold outreaching.

Thorough research helps companies to reach out to the appropriate audience. Thus, the success rate can significantly increase as the audience is already interested in the business’s products or services.

Customizing the message delivered to the audience is crucial to scoring a home run with cold outreach. Most companies send bulk emails or follow a template while cold calling. Therefore, the ultimate message loses its quality, which cannot convert many leads.

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While companies take their time to research the market and focus on generating quality content, the success of cold outreach boosts significantly.

Direct Mails

Direct mail has been used as a marketing strategy for a very long time, which can make the whole approach outdated. However, many marketers are still finding ways to make this outbound marketing work. 

If businesses don’t have an extremely large pipeline, it is better to send follow-ups manually. It helps the business owners to appeal to the consumers personally. This measure works best if the business is not running online completely.

The best way for businesses to succeed is to combine direct mail and digital marketing. It helps businesses by giving them access to a less saturated channel to connect with the audience and grab their attention. With properly customized email campaigns, businesses can demonstrate how they can solve their customer’s pain points and grow their business.


Networking allows businesses to directly connect with the audience while helping them to build their brand image. Events like business conferences and trade shows can deliver excellent leads for businesses when inbound and outbound marketing is done simultaneously.

Networking also helps business owners build valuable relationships with other businesses and consumers. Therefore, business success can elevate significantly as people tend to do business with the person they know and trust.

Bottom Line

Inbound marketing has been an excellent marketing strategy for promoting businesses. However, when both inbound and outbound marketing is executed properly, a business thrives. With outbound marketing, businesses start to spread their name early, while inbound marketing establishes this reputation for years to come.

Businesses need to be intelligent when conducting outbound marketing. Otherwise, the outbound marketing success will be heavily impacted and may not help much in terms of growth. Combining inbound and outbound marketing and finding the right balance is the key to success for a business.

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