11 Social Media Marketing Mistakes and how do You Fix it

If you want to be successful in your business, you should get into social media marketing. Almost all the internet users are now part of one or another social site, so its important to be where your customers are. Most of the people make these mistakes and realize it later.

social media marketing mistakes

No Strategy:

Most small companies do not draw a social media strategy and they just blindly post anything anytime.

You should have a social media strategy to engage your audience. Built your strategy or take help of experts.


Paid Followers and Fans:

Paying for fake followers and fans will actually ruin your business. Huge numbers of followers and likes looks good. Your competitors will surely get jelous. But do you know, these multi billion dollar social sites have some algorithm. They look at the number of fans and followers and how many of them are interested in your content and engagement. If you have fake followers and fans then definitely, the engagement will be very poor. This will limit your post reach.

Instead of the fake fans, build real fans by adopting a social media strategy.


Failing to understand Target audience:

Most companies just post the content blindly. Before posting content, ask yourself, if this content will be good for your audience? Once you know your target audience, you can build your content accordingly and effectively.


Too many social networks Too little content.

If you join too many social network, you should be ready to feed them well too. You can’t just post one content and forget it for months, it won’t work. Join one by one. First join most popular networks and then gradually expand your network of sites.


Not using proper Hashtag:

Hashtags are good way to put your business or product in front of your customers, but are you using the proper hashtag? If you are using irrelevent hashtag, then it wont be beneficial to your business. In an example, #This #is #Facebook# Crazy# #social #network #anything #road.

In above Hashtag example, there is no proper hashtag. Use only 1 or 2 RELEVANT hashtag.


I, me and myself approach:

Most companies fail in social media campaign because, they only talk about their product, brand and company.


No proper images selection:

Images are first impression for your post. Most people in India are less educated and they can’t read all the content your write. And most of them just keep scrolling to get the overview of what’s happening in social media. If you have not used proper image that appeals the masses, you will not get shares and likes.


Sharing too much in too little time:

Sharing too much information about anything in too short time will get you unfollowed by your customers or fans. Imagine, if you are getting tons of feeds on your timeline from someone, how will you feel? Treat your fans similar way. Feed them relevant, shareable and valuable content.

If you have too many content for your readers, schedule them. If you don’t have dedicated social media manager for your company or business, schedule them or use Social media tools.

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No reply to comments:

Social media is not just about fans and followers. It can also be used as customer support system. If you don’t respond to your fans and followers question or concern, you will lose the customer for sure. Most of the MNC companies are now using Social media to solve their customers problem and concern. In fact, they respond faster than normal support system due to social impact on other potential customers.


No Proofreading

This is not rocket science. Every one want to avoid misspelled and error free content. Try to avoid these errors. Proof read every post before publishing them on social sites.


Final words:

Use common sense, and avoid these Social Media Marketing Mistakes. Have a long term plan. If you are not an expert, or don’t have knowledge and time for digital marketing, hire professional.

social media marketing

Be Genuine and original
Be Consistent
Be Patient
Publish sharable and great content.

Let us know, how you follow the social media?



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