Writing article is easy and fun filled job. This guide will help you understand how to write articles. To be a good article writer, you need to be constant, to the point and accurate.

Article Topic:

You need to zero down on the topic. Topic is like destination, If you know the destination, you can reach there by various means.


Before you write article, make sure you have have adequate information and facts. If you are good researchers you can be a great writer. Article is an information bank. So gather all the information about the topic.

Bullet Points:

While doing online research, keep a note of points that you want to cover. Include facts, numbers and images etc. Once you know the bullet points, its easy to expand the points into an article. If you have gathered all facts and bullet points you have already written 50% article.


Know your audience first. If you don’t know, who is your reader, you wont be able to write perfect article. So its important to know, for whom you are going to write.


Know the motive of an article. Every article solves at least one problem or issue or concern of your reader. So find out, what problem you are going to solve for your readers. For example you are reading an article which educates you on how to write an article? Another example: How to write articles fast? (In this headline, you know how to write articles but it takes a lot of time to write them. This article will solve your concern of writing articles fast and saves your valuable time.)

Don’t Copy:

Coping someone else work wont help you. In fact, duplicate content will lead you in trouble. No one likes duplicate. It’s okay to get idea from other writers and then write better content in your own words and style.

Your Views:

Every one has their own opinion and views. Even if 1000s of writers are writing on same topic, everyone will have different opinion about the subject. For example, every news paper has same news but they are written differently by each news writer.


Every writer is not PhD in English literature, so its okay if you made some grammar mistakes, it can be corrected by editor or proof read by third party, but don’t make silly grammar mistakes. If you make a lot of grammar mistake, you readers may not trust your writing.

Proof Read:

Proof read your article and revise. Correct spelling and grammar errors. Ask your best friend or someone with good knowledge to proof read your article.


To be perfect writer, it takes some time. Once you know the art of writing articles, it will be piece of cake. I know few people who writes more than 10 articles in a day, but if you are new in writing then you will be able to write a couple of articles initially. Keep practicing and keep improving. If your articles are not perfect don’t worry, just make sure you articles servers the purpose of writing.