GMB Video Verification: Everything You Need To Know

GMB Video Verification is a new verification method introduced by Google. Being in digital marketing we offer Local SEO services to our clients. The most frustrating part of GMB is getting it verified. The Postcards don’t arrive on time or they don’t arrive even after requesting multiple times for many businesses. GMB Video Verification process is a GMB NEW feature. GMBs are verified by Google through a video verification process. This process has been introduced to make the GMB verified for those who can’t even get a postcard for verification.

GMB Video Verification Process:

  1. You have to download Google Hangouts on your mobile if it’s not already installed. Google Hangout works on computers, tablets and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad etc.
  2. Ensure you are properly prepared to represent your business at the location (such as signage, business registration, identifying your business name on receipts etc).
  3. The GMB verification team will send you a link that you click on and join the verification process at the time of appointment.

GMB is a free service offered by Google

Google my business is a service from Google that helps small businesses build their online presence. GMB can be very beneficial for your business. It also helps attract potential customers with better results and increased organic traffic. It will increase the visibility of your business. GMB can help promote your business, increase website traffic, and generate more leads. GMB Postcards usually arrive in over a month or even months after a verification request has been requested by the user. GMB Video Verification process is another option for you if you are not getting verified by postcard.

GMB helps you build a better online reputation for your business.

GMB is covered by Google’s Local SEO algorithm, and GMB listings appear on top of the organic results if the users search for local businesses. If your listing has been optimized for a local listing you could appear in Google Local 3-Pack.

GMB helps businesses rank higher in local searches, so it’s important to make sure your GMB page is up to date and accurate: –

Google my business listings makes it easy for customers to find you and connect with your business, wherever they are and however they want.

Other Google my business verification methods

Postcard verification: This is typically a very common method for all kinds of businesses to get verified in Google. GMB postcards usually arrive in over a month or even months after the verification request is requested by the user.

Phone Call or Text: Some businesses get the option to get them verified by Phone Call or Text message. Even some get the option to get the verification code for my Email.

Find out other ways to get your business listing verified in our post here:

Google my business is a free service offered by Google to make your small business on the internet more visible.

If used properly, GMB can help attract customers and improve organic traffic. GMBs are verified through the video verification process, which takes less time than postcard verification because it doesn’t require snail mail like GMB Postcards usually arrive in over a month or even months after a request has been made to get the account verified. 

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