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What is Google My Business (GMB)?

Google my business (GMB) is the Local Business listing platform where you can list your business and organization on Google maps. It doesn’t matter if you have a very small business or you have a big business. Whenever a customer search on Google or Google Maps they will see information about local business in that particular area.

You can list any business on GMB. Google wants every brick and mortar business to be listed on a google search and Google maps so they can keep dominating the world. How often do you search for restaurants or local laundry on google maps?

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Benefit Of GMB:

You get new customers of course and that too free.

Imagine getting new customers every day from your locality without spending a dime. New customers mean more business. Your business will be listed on Google maps and it will appear in Google searches too. For example, if you are providing a taxi service in your area and someone searching taxi service in your area will get your contact number, address and all the details that you mention in Google my business listing. Sometime Local Google Guides may also add some information about your business like working hours and contact numbers etc. So it is like semi Wiki where anyone can add or edit details of your business. People will find the information that you or your customers provide on Google my business.

Interact with the customers

Apart from customers calling you directly on your contact number, you can also interact with the customers by messaging with each other if you have installed Google My Business app on your mobile.

Since customers leave feedback that is visible to everyone who is looking for your business, It’s a good idea to reply to every feedback that you received. You can thank the customer for good feedback and also represent your point if someone gives you bad feedback.

Expand your business

Google my business is a free tool to get more customers. If you have a local business you can get more local customers without spending anything on Google.


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Who can list businesses on Google my business

Anyone can list your business or any Local Google guide without consulting you. Even if someone has already listed your business you can claim your business on Google maps and verify your ownership.

In the next article, we will talk about how to verify Google my business listing

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