How to increase website traffic using SEO in 2023?

Are you trying to increase visibility and traffic to your website in 2023? Then you need to know about SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization, a modern marketing tactic for website owners that uses optimized content, keyword research, and meta and title tags to increase visibility.

But beyond knowing SEO basics, you need to learn SEO techniques that will increase traffic. Some of these include;

1. Implement basic SEO practices

The foundation starts with the basics. Apart from using the best organic keywords, you can use your website’s infrastructure to increase traffic. First of all, you need to make sure the coding on your website is up to par, the URLs are canonical, and have zero crawl errors. It will all set up 301 redirects for missing or deleted pages to your website. 

2. Improve core web vitals

Ask anyone, and they will tell you SEO was easier before 2021. In 2021, google started factoring UX elements in their search rankings. These elements include how fast your website is, the website’s browsing safety, HTTPS, and mobile-friendliness. To run higher and therefore improve traffic, you need to put all these web vitals in mind

3. Use internal links

Internal links are backlinks that connect to different content on the same website or domain. When some of the pages on your website rank highly, you should find a way to add them as links to your lesser-ranking pages. This way, you will have distributed authority and ranking throughout your site. It is important to remember that to do this successfully, you will need to create lots of content. Also, you should organically add these links as anchor texts. 

4. Use digital PR and marketing

You can get lots of traffic if more people or sites mention your website. Digital PR can be as simple as asking another related site to include an external link to your site or as complex as getting an advertisement on YouTube channels. If not, you can use a brand monitoring tool like Semrush to find any mentions of your website or content and provide your website links to these mentions.

5. Make use of as many google features as you can

Apart from basic browsing, you can use other Google features like google images and the PAA (People Also Ask) sections to increase traffic. The PAA section can help your website rank twice on the first page. Make sure your content answers questions google can’t easily interpret and covers content related to a top-ranking keyword. To rank high on google images, make sure you use Alt tags, create a sitemap for your google images, and consider file names very carefully. 

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