How to Tell You Have Found a Good SEO Agency

Are you having difficulties identifying a good SEO agency from a bad one? The internet is a wonderful thing, and it offers a sea of information. When you need help, Google is right there, offering you plenty of solutions. But, one downside is that it can be difficult to tell when a company is legitimate and trustworthy or when they are spinning you a line.

Indeed, when you are looking for an SEO agency, this is something that you have to be aware of. There are companies out there that pretend they have a lot of experience in search engine optimization strategies. But, things are not all that they seem. We are not saying this to frighten you or make you apprehensive about hiring an SEO agency online. It just means that due diligence is necessary.

We have compiled some information to make this task a little easier. Here are some signs that you have found a good SEO agency to work with.

They Tell You Their Process

Good SEO agencies are transparent and upfront. In other words, they tell you how they operate so that you can understand how they achieve results. So, check out the agency’s website and see their SEO process. For instance, ClickSlice walks you through their team’s unique process, including competitor research and replicating what works according to the data. You can find out more by clicking the link. This type of transparency fills you with confidence and allows you to see what they are going to do for your website. If you notice that an SEO agency does not outline its process and keeps it a secret, this could be a red flag.

You Can Hear from Clients

Have you ever wondered why experienced SEO agencies do not let you hear from their clients? It is unlikely that this is an oversight. They know how important reviews are to potential clients. So, this could be a red flag that they do not have a good reputation. Instead, you want to look out for an SEO agency that includes testimonials from customers.

In particular, it can be helpful to see videos and hear from previous clients. There have been a lot of fake reviews recently online. So, you might be suspicious when it comes to only written testimonials. So, seeing videos of clients and them speaking first-hand about their experience can signify a good SEO agency. In addition, case studies are a good way to see what an agency can do. This is going to share the numbers and statistics that matter. After all, you are looking to hire a team that is not only friendly but is also able to achieve results.

There is a Ranking Guarantee

Experienced SEO agencies know they are good. They have the knowledge and expertise necessary to improve your ranking on Google. But, the agency has to convince you that you are making the right choice. There is a lot of competition, and why would you simply just believe them. Every agency is going to say that they are the best.

Well, one way to tell that you have found a trustworthy SEO agency is if they offer a ranking guarantee. This means that they offer a guarantee that they will improve your ranking on Google within a certain amount of time. Otherwise, you are going to be entitled to a full refund. This is going to offer you peace of mind, and you can know that you will not lose any money choosing this SEO agency. Plus, it demonstrates that they are confident in their skills and are able to help your website.

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Reminders to Contact, the Team

If you have found an SEO agency that you like, you should not have to search around for their contact details. This should be information that is everywhere and easy to find. After all, experienced and expert teams want you to contact them and speak to you. They know that they are going to be able to help and the first step is finding out what type of services your website needs.

Take a look around the agency’s website. If there are a lot of call-to-actions and reminders to contact the team, this is a good sign. It means that they want to work with you. In particular, if they get back to you quickly, this creates a positive first impression.


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