7 SEO Lead Generation Tips To Grow Your Marketing Business

Having a website and users finding it on search engines are two different things. Each day, innumerable people look for products and services on the internet. If you are not ranking well on search results, then your potential audience won’t ever find out about your offerings; resulting in plummeting sales and revenue. For example, if a solar service provider fails to find quality residential solar leads, sustainability in this ferociously competitive industry becomes highly questionable. Here, you need to work on your SEO to get ample visibility in front of your customers.

Many of you must think that how your competitors are earning millions by offering a similar line of services and products. The answer is their SEO strategies are polished and aligned with what search engines look for. If you keep search engines happy, they will push your business website to the top of SERPs (search engine result pages).  

Unquestionably, getting results from SEO takes time. But a well-executed SEO campaign can create quality leads and convert them into sales in no time. Whether you are beginning with SEO or looking for strategies to improve your existing campaign, we have shared some effective tips to start and make this endeavor successful and rewarding.

11 ‘the’ best SEO tactics to amplify the growth of your business this year

SEO involves deep knowledge and analysis of how various search engines work. Then applying those findings on your website gives your business that needed push to rank on the top search results. Numerous factors lead to the success of an SEO campaign. However, the major aspect that makes a campaign successful is understanding what your target audience is looking for. Once you know it, you can easily optimize your website according to targeted keywords.

According to a study, 73% of businesses say that well-focused SEO creates more leads than other marketing tactics. This means the majority of them are incorporating the best SEO practices into their marketing campaign to generate leads. So, without wasting any more time, let’s introduce you to some of the finest SEO strategies that help your business grow.

1.   Keyword research is crucial

You need to focus more on lead generation to make your business successful in this competitive world. One of the best methods to create quality leads is by working on SEO. To get your SEO right and earn leads, you cannot mess up with keywords. You need to target the right ones with impeccable strategies.

The first step in your SEO campaign is understanding who your target audience is and what they are looking for. You can gain this insight by doing keyword research in various tools such as Google AdWords, search engine trends, competitor analysis, etc. It helps you identify phrases and keywords that your target audience is typing on search engines to look for similar products and services that you are offering.

Whenever you choose a keyword, you need to analyze what your audience will look for. Keep your competition in check. If your competitors are targeting similar keywords, find out less competitive phrases and keywords.

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2.   Optimize your website

After researching your target keywords. The next step is optimizing your business website and each landing page content. Optimize the website with the listed keywords and meta descriptions, site title tags, images, and header tags.

The main purpose of creating a business website is to make it visible in front of potential customers. Having a well-functioning and intrusive website that is not ranking on search engine results will not pay off. To increase your site’s visibility, you have to optimize it for search engines.

Optimizing a website also includes the structure of internal links in it. If you optimize this part, you help search engines index and crawl your web pages more efficiently.

3.   Publish high-quality and insightful content

Publishing insightful and high-quality content is another best SEO strategy. If people will find informative content on your site, they will go through it which is beneficial for your business. The content you include in your pages should be pertinent to your target audience along with the keywords that they are seeking.

Additionally, make sure that the content is regularly updated and contains no redundancy. It should always remain relevant and fresh to your target audience.

The finest way to find out what sort of content is needed for your website is by targeting those keywords which you had researched in the very first step. You can use tools such as Moz, Semrush, etc. to make your business website optimized for SEO.

4.   Promote your content on different platforms

7 SEO Lead Generation Tips To Grow Your Marketing Business 1

Once you have published high-quality content on your website, the next step is promoting it on different platforms. You can share it on various social media channels.

Promoting your content across various social media platforms helps in generating leads through SEO. It will help you reach a wide audience across the globe and surely increase traffic to your website.

In addition, social media is one of the finest approaches to building a good bond with your potential customers. It helps you quickly interact with several people at once. Make sure that you actively share your content along with the website link on social media. This will allow you to gain more exposure and connect with your target audience.

5.   Link building is immensely beneficial

In SEO, link building is counted as one of the most vital aspects of the entire lead generation process. Creating links to your site can help you improve search engine rankings. If you do it the right way, it can help you generate more leads and earn more sales.

There are numerous methods to build links to your business site. However, the easiest technique to accomplish this task is by posting guest blogs on popular websites. Publishing guest posts is one of the finest methods to earn the desired visibility in front of new leads. You can include a link in the post that takes the visitor to your site.

Submitting your website link to directories such as DMOZ is another best way to do it. DMOZ is one of the most popular online directories that can help you increase the overall exposure of your site. Another way is to submit posts to various article directories. When you link your business website to other sites, it tells search engines that you are credible and your services are valuable. This helps you in ranking higher in search results.

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6.   Scrutinize the results

Once you begin with your SEO campaign, you have to keep examining the results to check whether it is performing well or not. Monitoring involves tracking click-through rates, search engine rankings of your website, and rate of conversion. Checking the performance of SEO campaigns is another vital aspect of search engine optimization.

You can utilize tools such as Moz and Semrush to track the results of SEO. Using these tools, you can check the total number of links you have put on different blogs for your website and track the ranking of your site in search engines.

You can also monitor your site’s conversion and click-through rates. Tracking helps you check the performance of your campaign and alter or improve those things which are not giving the desired outcome. Examining and making improvements in specific fields help you accomplish better results.

7.   Boost the speed of your website

The speed of your site impacts your rankings in search engines. Search engines like Google emphasize providing the best and quickest solution to their users. Therefore, the loading speed of your site plays a major role in getting on top of the search results. The faster your website is, the greater will be its ranking.

If your website takes time to load, then it would increase the bounce rate. Lagging sites are the biggest turn-off for any visitor, they will not think twice before moving to your competitor’s site.

Additionally, your website should be mobile-friendly as almost every person uses the internet via their smartphones. It should adapt to devices with multiple resolutions and offer a seamless navigation experience to your visitors.

8.   Email marketing is worth leveraging

7 SEO Lead Generation Tips To Grow Your Marketing Business 2

Email marketing is one of the most effective lead-generation strategies. It is rewarding, measurable, and flexible. You can personalize emails for your users. If you share the relevant message with your potential clients, you can increase the conversion rate.

The most important thing in email marketing is segmentation and automation. Segmentation allows you to send the right message to the right prospect via email. On the other hand, automation helps you eliminate task replication when you send gentle reminders to your clients.

You can pick CRM with mail automation for mechanizing all email-related tasks like generating email templates, well-timed follow-ups, segregating people according to their spot in the sales funnel, and handing over the leads to the sales team.

9.   Try out different lead magnets

Content, service, or free item which is exchanged for the prospect’s contact details like a phone number or email address is known as a lead magnet. This is one of the most beneficial lead-generation strategies for businesses. It involves providing valuable information to your prospect to engage them such as whitepapers, eBooks, free trials, discounts, etc.

Lead magnets help in improving the rate of conversion. Whether it’s an eBook or a discount coupon, this tool can become one of the deciding factors for your prospect in the purchasing process. So, if you desire to get quality leads for your business, you need to try out different lead magnets to attract your target audience.

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When you create a lead magnet, make sure it:

  • Is designed with a specific motive.
  • Offers solutions to your prospect’s problems.
  • Promises to secure users’ personal details.
  • Gives your prospect authority.

10.  Do the content marketing right

In this highly digitized era, content is considered the king. It is the absolutely perfect inbound solution. It might not impact your sales directly which you experience in physical stores promptly, but it churns out the astounding outcome in the long run.

The relevant content helps your target audience discover you with ease and trust the suggestion that you provide through it. Whenever you craft content, never lose the intent of writing it. As discussed earlier, high-quality content helps your landing pages dominate the search engine results. So, aim for crafting authoritative content that builds your credibility as a business and helps you become a trustable brand.

11.   Utilize local SEO techniques

The way your website helps you gain visibility across the world, local SEO is more emphasized in ranking you higher in your specific area. If you have a local business, then you can get immensely benefited via local SEO strategies. It ensures that your local audience easily finds you in Google when they search for similar offerings as yours.

Never miss specifying the location of your business when you are selling products or services. Tell your visitors where you can be located. Make sure you use targeted keywords in the entire content of your website. However, avoid stuffing too many keywords otherwise it will look spammy. Include keywords naturally, and never get afraid to mix or match or use other phrases.

Finally, when you successfully convert a lead into a sale, offer the best service to your clients and ask them to provide positive reviews. The increasing number of positive reviews builds credibility and makes you a reliable name in your niche. This will help you get more SEO leads for your business.


SEO and lead generation go hand in hand. Although both elements are different, when you combine them together, it brings amazing results for your business. These two components play a big role in creating a fruitful marketing campaign and taking your business to the next level. However, keeping abreast with recurrent updates in search engine algorithms is crucial.

Leverage the benefits that come from the aforementioned SEO and lead generation strategies and get ready to stock up your sales funnel!

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