How content-rich product pages can increase your sales?

Pushing sales higher week by week is a sign that you are serious about your business and motivated enough to make it a successful venture. Every business exists to make sales and earn profits. If your online business is not meeting the sales target, you may need to shut it down sooner or later.

In boosting sales and revenue, the content of your product pages plays a major role. You need to add a substantial amount of value, information, and engagement to the web pages. The quest to achieve that greatness in the content will lead you to produce rich content. Let’s study what it takes to enrich product copies of your eCommerce website and how it yields higher sales.

What is content-rich product copy?

Content-rich product page can be defined as a simplified form of a description that gives a clear idea of what you are selling and what are the key features. It was a common practice that most store managers used to enlist a few features on the product page without bothering to explain their benefits and usage.

The online buyers need a brief overview to form a purchase decision, you need to replace the dull content with appealing and detailed product copies. It may require you to:

  • Write engaging and compelling content
  • Add high-quality images
  • Create a panoramic product view with 360-degree photography 
  • Upload Product videos, virtual tours, animations
  • Relevant and high-end items of the same category

Enriching your product copies with useful content will help your website users make up their minds and consider placing orders. The additional content provides them with an almost similar experience of reviewing a product physically.

The product pages now include more relevant and intriguing details. It must answer the basic questions as to why you may need it, what are the distinct features of it, and how it can solve your common problem. You may need to attach user guides, manuals, videos, etc. to give potential customers complete product knowledge as this Magento 2 product attachments extension allows you to do so if you have a Magento-powered eCommerce store. Giving such details in a brief copy will leave visitors with no questions or doubts about your product. Bringing back users or making them stay and browse the store further means you are boosting the sales figure.

How do content-rich product pages increase your sales?

Online customers are habitual to make comparisons. If they need a product, they would like to search and visit the best available resources. They form an opinion quickly about the first few websites they visit and keep a few of them to revisit for final purchase. Creating content-rich product pages can somehow catch their attention and make them stay or revisit the product. Here’s how it can help you increase your sales.

1. Engages your audience

Your audience may convert into your customers only if they are engaged in valuable content and appealing designs. Online buyers, being in a hurry to explore as many websites as possible, quickly scan the content of product pages. They keep on skipping websites until they find the one with detailed, relevant, and informative content.

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With content-rich web copies, you can help them stop and take a moment to review your product or service. Stores that believe in customer-friendly return and exchange policies are likely to engage more users by creating multiple tabs on product pages.

Online stores often use customer behavior and shopping frequency to suggest related and frequently bought together products. It works by tracking a combination of products a customer adds to the cart so that a recommendation is also sought for the new uses. It helps stores to engage users, find high-end products and explore other categories. It results in a higher average order value which is like bringing more sales and revenues.

2. Attracts Organic Traffic

Content is still considered the king when it comes to targeting organic traffic from search engines. The search algorithm values the amount of useful content you place in product copies or blog posts. Hence, adding more information about your product is like helping search bots to distinguish your product pages as high-quality content, distinct from others, and award higher exposure as well.

There is a great deal of effort involved in selecting keywords and adding them naturally to your product copies. Emphasis on the keyword insertion more than necessary can ruin your effort rather than elevate your search rankings.

Organic traffic brings users to your product pages after passing through the search intent mechanism. They are interested in buying your products. Having more such users means higher conversions and better sales. The amount of money and energy you put into bringing traffic from paid promotions can be saved by adopting the strategies of enriching product copies with useful content.

3. Improves brand awareness

Enriching your product copies with useful and engaging content helps you make the product, service, or the entire brand memorable. Consumers start connecting with the brand as they experience extraordinary knowledge in the form of feature lists, benefits, examples, use cases, tutorials, and other educational content in the form of audio and videos.

The more you ease their experience of getting to know about your products, the more they will stick to the pages and remember how briefly you have portrayed the entire picture.

Brands are often established by attaching a story to product copies. For example, if you share a ‘how it’s made’ section, the users will love to read it and keep sharing it with their friends and family. Now they know a bit about consumers of the same products by other brands. They are sure about the product material, make, process, and entire effort behind it.

Brand awareness was once limited to conventional media ads and promotions. However, now the online buyers are tech-savvy to browse a webshop and navigate through the product copies. They are forming decisions about businesses the way they keep their product description clear and concise.

4. Builds trust

A product is not meant for all that’s why you customize product copies according to the target audience. You start recognizing the customer persona and understand his or her interests, likeness, daily routine, and interaction versus response with your products.

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The content that is produced in line with all the factors is rich with valuable insights and personal touches. As a result, the consumer relates to the content, connects with the issue, and finds that the entire content is written for resolving his solution. In return, he or she puts trust in your business, product, and brand. 

Discussing consumer issues and engaging them in an effective solution with impressive copies compels them to covert which means more sales. One example of connecting with the consumers is a dedicated section of frequently asked questions.

Add answers to the common questions that may arise in the mind of your target customers. It includes simplest to complex questions as they may fear asking you a question if it seems to be of common sense. FAQs area sets them free from the shyness and feeling embarrassed about asking about unusual or unexpected things.

Another example of rich content in building consumer trust is user-generated content in the form of testimonials, product ratings, and reviews. This is such a useful kind of content as you do not create it. It is your happy clients who share a word about their favorable experiences. Reading these reviews gives new users hope that someone has good things to say about your brand.

5. Increases conversions

Most of the users do not make it to the cart as they are still unable to make a purchase decision. They are still unclear about the product, its make, and its use. They want to know more about how the product is going to benefit them. With content-rich product copies, you can help them find the ROI – return on investment – so that they can peacefully move to conversions.

Rich content also leads you to personalize calls to action that proves like a guideline or road map to the end goal. It has to be clear and prominent to take customers from a product page to a cart and then a payment page.

Online shopping is a virtual experience, where quick customer support is not found the way we ask a helper in a brick-and-mortar store. Your optimized content and consumer-centered approach can take them step by step and swiftly end with successful order completion. Create your content with helpful tips, navigation, and directional Calls to action to suffice the need for a virtual helper.

Final words

Content-rich product pages are effective on multiple levels. Its benefits start from improving user engagements with a variety of useful content that captures the limelight of search bots as well. Adding more and more information about your products on landing pages makes the search engines do you a favor in higher rankings. It evaluates your website on multiple factors, among which, content and the ease of users are the top priorities.

Gaining customers’ trust is also mandatory. Staying with clear and concise product descriptions can help you earn customer trust and transform a simple business into a reputable brand. All the benefits lead to a higher conversion rate. 

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