What do you think what are the main thing we should consider while writing engaging article?  Maybe you will say “It should be informative” or “It should contain unique content”. Yes of course article should be informative and it should contain unique content. But you know information is available in the public domain very easily, anyone can search on search engine. But did you ever think, what will make your audience to read your articles? What will make them to come again and again to your blog? This all will be done by your writing techniques, your writing style and your research. When you will be able to read the mind of your visitors, then only you will come with your best article.

Here I am going to discuss few tips to create engaging article for your visitors.


Know what your readers want

After writing number of articles and having reader’s engagement in your blog. You will come to understand that which article you have written has got best comment, what are the type of articles in which your audience are interested. Write that type of articles in which you have got best comments. Try to increase interaction with your audience discuss with them about your personal experience or the incidence and your life also ask questions from your readers that will make your readers fully engaged and interested in your articles. Also try to answer of all the comments on your particular article and clear the points to your audience.


Use simple and easy language

We all have gone through the subject books of our school days. There were various books available in the market but which books you have preferred. Take an example of any science topic, such as “Gravity”. Actually the meaning of gravity and the definition of gravity will remain same nothing can be changed but you always brought the book of that author in which they have written about gravity in very simple language. Actually sometime we use very extraordinary phrases or words to make our article unique. Believe me phrases and words are good but if it will not be simple to understand your readers then your readers will not accept your article. It will make them hard to understand your concept and definitely they will move to other blog to in search of easy language.  Yes, just take care of grammatical mistakes and quality of contents.


Talk with your reader

If you write the article thinking about your reader write in this way that you are talking with them directly one two one. Think yourself as you are reader of your blogs then write your articles. Use active voice sentences that increases the interaction of your readers also makes them feel like personal touch with them. When you are giving personal touch to your articles it becomes easy to understand for your readers about what you have been written in your article.

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Don’t write article when you are stressed

When you are stressed, you can’t write freely, you won’t be able to creative. Actually in that situation I will suggest you to take a rest in or do any other thing except writing your articles take a break and then start your writing. Because writing needs your concentration and when you are concentrated on your topic then and then only your article will be as you want.


Gather proper information

Yeah, I know you are a good writer you have innovative writing skills but without having proper information about what you are writing how can you write your articles. I will suggest you to make a list of information which you have to put in your articles and go through the details that will help you to express your thought about that product or anything else on which you are writing.


Give your views

You are writing about anything it may be hot news, health tips or reviews. Of course your readers will love your views upon the points with you have shared. Give your point of view on all the information which you have shared with them don’t be afraid that will it be wrong or right because you are only giving your view not a statement writing articles is all about giving your views on any subject.


Be original don’t copy

There are hundreds of blogs available in search engine up on the same topic. What will make your reader to come to your blogs? Yes it’s your own original content if you will copy contents from other’s blog your readers will definitely reject you because they only want unique articles and original. If you will not be original I have already stated that there are hundreds of blog available in the market. There is no use of your blogs if it has been copied so be original don’t copy and best of luck.