How do I start a new business with no experience?

Don’t take it seriously

Most people keep on overthinking that either things won’t work or they won’t be able to start a new business. And that is the reason why most of the people are not able to start their own business. Believe me, it is not that tough. If you have been working for an organization in the past then you can provide service to your customer. The only key to success is to get started. Don’t worry about the lack of experience or funding.

Take the risk

The risk-reward equation is completely in favor of the entrepreneur. There is no way that you will be economically rewarded less for being an entrepreneur than by taking up the job. You will always find business more rewarding than the day job.

Don’t chase money

If you start chasing money in the starting phase then you won’t be able to sustain for a long time. If you chase money, your main focus will be money, not your service. To earn more money you would start compromising with the service which will ultimately bring a downfall in your business. Focus on providing a better service and money will chase you. Make your business leader in your industry first. Once you become the leader of your niche, you will rule the money, business, and reputation.

Start small

Launch your service in a small area. Maybe a town or even a small area in your town. Try experimenting with your model at this stage. Ask for reviews from people and upgrade according to it. Only when you are confident about your service then only move to a larger area. Starting small would help you fight the competition in a particular area and it would help you grow without a large capital. Starting small would also need less investment or capital.

Focus on your niche

Always start small and focus on your niche. Try providing a service in which you have expertise. Maybe if you are starting an e-commerce business then focus on your niche. Suppose say your niche can be men’s clothes. Then focus on it. Once you can sustain it, then focus on scalability. Do not exaggerate in your business plan. Always under commit and overdeliver. Over delivery will give your business mouth publicity.


Try building a team

Team is the most essential part of the business. If you got the correct people then you become unstoppable. If your team has a vision as big as yours then you can achieve anything. Even things will be easy at that time. Try building a team where you can bootstrap the skills. Building a team will also free your time so you can focus on business expansion and management instead of doing time-consuming tasks.

Forget the world

Do not try to start with some massive business. Find your potential customers. Provide them quality service. Take your learning and upgrade yourself. Always remember big companies started with small. Start small, find your niche customers and start the business.

Follow the Leaders

Always try to be up to date and keep your self updated with the latest trends and new technology etc in your niche. Some industry changes very fast. Keeping upto date knowledge about your industry will keep you ahead of the industry.

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Take your marketing strategy seriously. Invest in the marketing of your business. The business depends on your customers and you need to keep finding new customers for your product or services regularly. Some business needs only online marketing, for example, if you are starting an eCommerce site, you will need to invest in Digital Marketing to get more visitors to your website.


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