Ranking on Google Maps is important for any local business. If you are not ranking in Local SEO 3 Pack, then you are losing a lot of business. In this post, I will share the important factors that count for ranking for your Google My Business (GMB) listing.

Google says, “You can improve your business’s local ranking by using Google My Business.”

The above hint shows all the ranking factors are hidden in GMB itself. Here are the things you can perform using GMB App or website.

Business Listing Information

You always need to enter your complete business information. If you have verified your business, you should be able to edit or add your business information from Google My Business App or GMB Website.

Pro Hint: If possible try starting your Main keyword before your business name i.e. Pizza Jojo’s Food Corner is better if you want to rank for Pizza in your area. Here is Pizza is the keyword and Jojo’s Food Corner is the local business name.

Verify your location:

Get your business verified first. If you have added your business information, you might have already verified your business. In case you have not yet verified your business read how you can verify your GMB Listing here. A verified business will always rank better than unverified business.

Working hours

While this is not a very important factor to rank but its highly advisable to keep your working hours accurate. For example, you are having a hotel canteen that is open till late night if someone search for Pizza in your locality late night, your GMB Listing will rank higher as another listing might be out of working hours. So Google always thinks users prospective. Users should be able to get the information that is available at his time. If you are closed then there is no point in showing your local business to that user.

Get Engaged:

You can ask your customers to write reviews for your business. Always reply to all the reviews. Replying to reviews indicates you are actively taking care of your customers.

If someone gives you a 5 Star review thank them. If anyone leaves a negative review, just reply with your side of the story. Replying to reviews not only helps you rank but also gives your customers confidence that tier concerns will be resolved.

Add Photos and Videos:

Adding photos and videos makes your business more realistic and visually appealing for customers as well as Google.

3 Factors that define your ranking for particular searches


The search term should have some relevance to your business. Like business categories, Business name, working hours, etc. For example, if someone is searching for Car Hire showing a car dealer’s listing will not make any sense.


Distance is also a very important ranking factor. Let’s try to understand this with an example. you are passing by a small city and your car broke down. Now when you search for Car mechanic It will make more sense to show car mechanics listing in that particular small city. Showing popular listing for the big city will not make it sense in this example.


This is the area where you can work on most. In other terms, this is in your hand. How popular your business is depending on the citation you have for your business. The more relevant citation you get is higher you rank in Google maps. You should always list your business in your local directory and get the backlinks to that listing so it will pass a strong signal to rank your GMB.

Your website also helps you rank in Google Local 3 Pack. We will discuss this in our next article.