The Ultimate Guide To SEO Tools: Find The Best Ones For Your Needs

Are you struggling with taking your website’s visibility to the better side? Perhaps, you need a perfect SEO tool to help improve your website’s visibility. The best SEO tools allow you to create a perfect content marketing strategy. In addition, you get better link-building opportunities to help you rank your page or website. 

When choosing the SEO tools for your website, there are several things you must consider. A good tool should be able to help you plan the search volume and competition of a keyword. In addition, choosing a good SEO tool will ensure that you gain a competitive edge on the internet. 

So, here are some great tools suggested by SEO experts on which you can rely for optimizing your website for the search engine. 

Great SEO Tools To Improve Your Website’s Ranking

Every SEO tool can have different characteristics and features. You can choose an SEO tool that fits your needs and can help your website rank higher. 

Hubspot Website Grader

Every website owner wishes to have more internet traffic on their page. After all, generating more internet traffic and leads is the marketing goal of any website.

If you are concerned about your website’s performance, you can use the Hubspot Grader. Entering your website URL on this grader will show you the detailed report card of your website’s performance. So, it becomes easy to find loopholes in your marketing strategies. A website owner can take corrective actions to rank their page high.


Are you wondering why your content doesn’t rank on Google? You should check if you are using the right keywords for your target audience. Most website owners struggle because they cannot determine the right keywords to center their content around. However, the SEO tool Ahrefs helps website owners determine the keywords the users are using. 

You can jot down and publish more relevant content to readers. While doing so, keep the keyword intensity intact to enable web crawlers to catch the relevance of your content. 

Using Ahref can be of great use to website owners to help rank their content well. It attracts more readers to your website, and your earnings potential grows. 

Google Search Console

This SEO tool is offered by Google free of cost to all users. With Google Search Console, you can determine your website’s performance on the internet. The tool plays a significant part in helping users monitor their relevance on Google’s SERP. 

This SEO tool is simple to use. For instance, you only need to enter a code to your website or use Google Analytics, before you can submit your website for indexing. Once you see the progress report of your website, you can easily control how your website gets represented to the users. 

This tool allows you to see how other views your website. You can optimize it to change how it appears to the visitors. 


Most website owners look forward to SEMRush fulfilling their marketing goals. This SEO tool is great for all users wishing to assess their performance and Google rankings. Besides offering such information, SEMRush also offers insights into other ranking opportunities. 

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The most loved feature of this SEO tool is the Domain Vs. Domain analysis. Like its name, this feature allows you to compare domains. So, you can quickly analyze your website and that of your competitors. 

Besides, SEMRush is also a great tool for offering you information about search data and traffic. A website owner can look into the traffic rush at their competitor’s website and understand the reasons for low Google rankings. It allows them to look for Actionable SEO tips to improve website performance with an open mind. 


Are you unsure about which keywords to target in your content? Choosing the long tail keywords with low internet competition is the way to go. Picking and targeting such keywords in your content allows you to rank on Google faster than anyone else. 

KWFinder is the SEO tool that helps you determine the keywords that have the potential of getting you ranked on Google. You can explore several keywords on this tool. Besides, you can also run a perfect analysis on the backlinks and SERP. 

In addition, this tool also lets you discover new keyword ideas. Working on such keywords can make your website rank even higher. 

Moz Pro

To keep your website up-to-date with the changes in Google’s algorithms, you can choose Moz Pro. It is an SEO software that most experts use. To help rank your website by optimizing it well, it can be your go-to tool. 

Moz Pro has several features that make this SEO software interesting. For instance, it has a great chat feature that gives you a helpful answer to every question you ask. So, even if you are looking for some keyword recommendations, this tool can be a great idea. 

In addition, you can also get an idea about your website’s performance and the ways to improve it. 


Only writing and putting up content on your website is not enough. Of course, you must focus on keywords that have high traffic potential. However, you must also understand the search intent behind those keywords. It enables you to formulate engaging content. 

With Ubersuggest, you can explore the top keywords with their search intent. You can also see the short and long-tail keywords ranking on SERP. Besides offering you this intellectual insight, this keyword tracker also supports great keyword suggestions. 

Ubersuggest is the tool you need to know whether covering or targeting a keyword is worth your time. In addition, you can also determine whether a keyword is competitive. 

Answer The Public 

Most bloggers struggle to find topics that have the potential to generate traffic on the webpage. However, SEO tools like Answer The Public allow you to determine topics for your content. It is a free SEO tool that any website owner can use. 

Answer The Public helps the users research keywords on which they just build their content to rank better online. Suppose your content is centered around the ‘architecture’ niche. You can research home renovations, decor, or construction topics on this SEO tool. 

In addition, this SEO tool is also great for finding snippet opportunities. Undoubtedly, Answer The Public is a great way to develop quality content for your website. 

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SpyFu is the greatest of all free SEO tools. Even though this SEO tool has a paid premium version, it offers some basic features to users on its free version. This tool gives you an insight into the number of times a keyword has been looked up on the internet. 

The amount of time a keyword gets researched on the internet becomes evident to the user. Also, it shows the ranking difficulty for that keyword. So, if you are just starting your website, you can use this tool to determine the easy keywords. 

Writing your content focusing on such keywords will allow you to rank well. Besides, you can also track the keywords that your competitors use and learn from them.


WooRank excels as a great SEO tool that offers users free and paid plans. This SEO tool is very effective in helping you track your marketing data and progress. WooRank also allows you to plug in your competitor’s website to look into the keywords they are targeting. 

So, a user can target such keywords in their content to generate more traffic. WooRank is an excellent tool for helping users understand how a keyword performs over time. 

Most users use this SEO tool to understand such things that are important but lacking in your website. It guides you into updating your website from a technical and content perspective. 

In addition, detecting any duplication in the content also becomes easy with this tool. 


Users looking for free SEO tools can look up to SEOQuake as it is the best tool. You can use it as a chrome extension as a great SEO checker tool. SEOQuake is highly efficient in performing on-site page audits. 

Besides, this tool is great for assessing any internal or external links on your website. It also makes any website comparisons with your competitors easier. SEOQuake offers several other features to users. For instance, they can analyze the keyword density. 

SEOQuake has an easy-to-use dashboard that makes assessing SEO metrics easy. A user can easily download the key SEO metrics and share them with their team to determine improvement areas. 


If you have been looking for some great SEO tools to improve your website ranking, these great tools have been right around the corner. Most of these SEO tools are free, making it easy for users to connect and use them. 

Every website can have different requirements regarding SEO tools. For instance, some might need an SEO tool to guide their marketing strategies. Likewise, some might look for website SEO tools to help them find great keywords. 

All these SEO tools are great options for fulfilling your requirements. You can determine the areas where your website is lacking. It will help you choose the best SEO tool and take corrective action to improve your website’s rankings. 

These SEO tools are ideal for optimizing their website or simply looking for keywords that can generate organic traffic. Before choosing an SEO tool, ensure you analyze your website’s needs well. 

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