Jarvis.ai is a revolutionary new AI copywriting assistant tool that will write for you. Jarvis AI is the world’s first real-time artificial intelligence copywriter that can write better than humans? In this unbiased review, we will find out if it’s worth the hype.

Jarvis AI Review: Who Needs an Artificial Intelligence Copywriting Assistant Tool?

I would suggest you try this out using the special 5 days FREE trial and check the results yourself. I can tell you a lot about it but your own experience matters a lot.

In-depth Jarvis.ai Review

There are many people in today’s society who have to be creative on a daily basis and they are constantly looking for ways to improve their creativity or get outside of their comfort zone. One way to do this would be by hiring an assistant with skills such as writing, editing, or designing. But what if there was something even more advanced than human assistants? Something like artificial intelligence (AI).

Conversion.ai is renamed and rebranded as Jarvis.ai If you come across conversion.ai review or jarvis.ai review do not get confused with the two names.

No, this is not a scam or a fake review. I have used the tool and I will give you an honest and independent review. In our review we will cover:

Jarvis.ai Recipe

Jarvis recipe is another great addition. The recipe is a unique concept which other competitors lack.

What is Jarvis Recipe?

Jarvis Recipe is a series of pre-built workflows that will help you create content with Jarvis using the repeatable process. You can create your own recipe or save recipes shared by the other Jarvis members.

Example Jarvis Recipe:

>write blog title ideas
>write an article brief about {BLOG_POST_TOPIC}
>write an introduction
>write a blog outline
>write about {OUTLINE_ITEM}
>write a blog conclusion about {OUTLINE_ITEM_1}, {OUTLINE_ITEM_2}, {OUTLINE_ITEM_3}

Using the above conversion ai Jarvis recipe, it will find out the blog title, write an intro paragraph. Then it will move to outline the blog. Once the outline is written, you just need to run the command “write about {outline}” one by one. Isn’t it easy? You can even outsource this to virtual assistants giving them these readymade recipes. Your VA needs to have English proficiency so he can edit the facts and content as and when required. If you give this tool to your copywriter imagine how fast they will be able to create content. 

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Who Use Jarvis.ai / Conversion.ai

Jarvis is used by some of the most successful and well-known brands in the world. But Jarvis is also used by content marketers, freelance writers, small businesses, and startups to increase their SEO visibility, which drives more traffic to their website and helps them improve their search rankings organically.

Jarvis is the world’s most advanced AI-based technology to write & optimize content for you! Jarvis Copywriter: World’s first AI-based copywriting software that creates super-human quality articles in just seconds with little human effort.

What technology Jarvis ai / conversion ai uses?

OpenAI’s GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) is a three-layer neural network.

The first layer of the autoregressive LSTM model is responsible for remembering previous words to predict future ones. The second layer is used to transform this output into more human-like text (in terms of vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure). The third layer – an LSTM model – outputs a single-word prediction as to the input for the next step. All three layers use 512-dimensional character, 500-dimensional context, and 300-dimensional cell vectors to store information from previous words, with only 100 dimensions in the cell vector changing between time steps.

On top of it, Jarvis ai is trained to write better content. They trained this model on over 8 million articles and books, so it has seen a lot of text. Now, what’s the advantage?

It can write in a more sophisticated manner than most humans. This makes it ideal for generating dialogue as well as writing news articles or summaries of trending stories.

Why is Jarvis ai better than its alternative?

As you know there are tons of new AI copywriting tools and all of them claim to be super powerful. Yes, I agree most of them are powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 but not all the engines are powerful in GPT3.

In each template, every AI Copywriter tool uses a different GPT3 model. Some of them use the cheapest GPT3 Model Ada and their own custom-built AI trained model to offer the cheapest subscription or even Lifetime deal (LTD).

GPT-3 Models:

There are 4 GPT3 Models and each can be used in a different template – based on the nature of the content and objectives of what you need to write.

  • Davinci
  • Curie
  • Babbage
  • Ada

All these models can be used in different templates. Davinci is the most powerful while Ada is the fastest model. Also, Davinci is the most powerful and most expensive hence very few AI copy tools are using it. The reason is obvious. 

Use Cases of Jarvis AI copywriting tool:

I spend most of the time writing articles for my clients. Apart from content, it can also be used for various platforms.


I use Jarvis AI to engage with Reddit posts and users. I can generate better responses for my niche subreddit that helps to drive more traffic to clients’ sites.

Quora Answers:

Quora is the most powerful platform to develop credibility and also drive traffic. You can achieve it with long detailed answers. You can use the Quora Answers template to draft your answer in just a minute.

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1. What is Jarvis AI Copywriting Assistant Tool:

Jarvis is an AI copywriter. Jarvis can write blogs, articles, press releases, website content, service pages, Google Ads copy, Facebook Ads copy, and even sales letters. Yes, it can write on anything as long as you guide Jarvis.

2. Features of Jarvis AI Copywriting Assistant Tool:

Jarvis AI has many features. We will discuss each feature in detail and with some examples whereas possible.

3. Benefits of Jarvis AI Copywriting Assistant Tool:

With this advanced AI tool, there are multiple benefits. Here we will discuss the biggest and most important benefit that Jarvis offers you as a content creator.

Get more content for your blogs and affiliate sites.

4. Pros and cons of Jarvis AI copywriter


  • Eliminates the writer’s block.
  • You can write unlimited articles for your blogs.
  • You can write about different niches.


  • You will need to proofread and check the facts. Jarvis doesn’t give accurate facts.
  • It will give you irrelevant content sometimes.

5. Pricing and where to buy it from

Jarvis has a price as follows:

Free Trial:

You get a 5 day FREE trial with a 10000 words limit.

Basic Plan:

If you are looking for more features and limitations, Basic Plan is the perfect plan for you. You can now have up to 20000 words every month which costs $29/month

Pro Unlimited Plan:

$99/month, unlimited words, all features unlocked except Boss Mode.

Boss Mode Plan:

$119/month, unlimited words, all features unlocked.

There is an offer going on if you sign-up for the yearly plan you get 2 months subscription free but you need to act now before the offer is taken down.

What’s the difference between Pro Plan and Boss Mode?

Both give you unlimited usage of all templates. Boss mode has extra command capabilities and gives you more power and it gives you a better copy. So $20 extra over and above Pro Plan is worth it as you can write better copy than Pro plan.

Jarvis ai Pricing Comparison

Start Plan Pro Plan Boss Mode
20000 Words Unlimited Words Unlimited Words
7-days Money-back guarantee 7-days Money-back guarantee 7-days Money-back guarantee
50+ Shortform copywriting templates Long Form Copywriting up to 3000 character lookback
Jarvis Command in Boss Mode
25+ Supported Language 25+ Supported Language 25+ Supported Language
5 Project Folder Unlimited Project Folder Unlimited Project Folder
Unlimited users 1 User Extra seat $40 1 User Extra seat $50
$29/mo $99/mo $119/mo
Annual Plan Benefits:
You get 2 months free subscription and lower charges
Annual Plan Annual Plan Annual Plan

6. Additional features that are included:

SurferSEO has been integrated into Jarvis. It makes your SEO content more predictable. If you don’t know about SurferSEO, then read my review here.

What is Boss Mode?

Boss Mode is a new feature that was the main feature of ShortlyAI. ShortlyAI was acquired by the Jarvis team and the powerful feature is now part of Jarvis AI Boss Mode.

In Boss Mode, you just need to instruct/command Jarvis what you want to write. example commands are:

  • Write blog ideas about Keyword
  • Write a blog intro paragraph about the topic above.
  • Write a blog outline about the topic.
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So basically you will be just giving commands like a boss.

Here is the Boss Mode output for the command, “Write a blog post ideas about SEO”

– 5 SEO techniques that are crucial to success

– The most important factor for ranking on Google

– How does SEO work?

As you can see the AI gave 3 outputs for the title. Isn’t it nice?

You can try the Boss Mode feature in 5 days free trial and I am just writing everything in Boss Mode. It makes life so much easier. You just need to know the command and you will not need to look for other 40+ templates that Jarvis has.

Once you use Boss Mode you will not look back to any other template or any other AI copywriter.

7. The conclusion of my review on how I feel about this product after using it for a while (positive or negative)

I have been looking for a way to generate high-quality content more efficiently, but I didn’t want to sacrifice quality. Jarvis AI is the perfect solution! It’s an AI copywriting assistant that can write better than me and it will do all of the work for you so you don’t have to worry about anything. The best part is that this tool offers unlimited usage.

Jarvis made my life so much easier. I can now write blogs like professional copywriters without burning my pocket. As you can see this website is 10 years old but I never had time to write content all by myself. I used to write articles. I have a full-time job and I can’t do that.

Jarvis provides you with relevant and top-quality content which is great if you are looking for unlimited content. This Jarvis ai review will be updated as and when I exploring other features in Jarvis.