Why are food delivery apps garnering quick success in 2022?

Want food at your doorstep? Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? With the ongoing Covid 19 crisis across the globe, food apps have mushroomed at every nook and corner of the city all over the world; making food available in the comforts of your home without venturing out. And not just Covid Lockdowns and social distancing, the entire last decade was the decade of growth of mobile apps. There was a mobile app coming up for everything from buying vegetables to booking rickshaws and transportation. Consumers get a feeling that the world is revolving at their fingertips. Food Delivery Apps rode this boom and today in 2022 Food Delivery Apps are one of the most funded businesses across the globe with more than 20 unicorn food delivery startups already in the year 2022. 

These apps are easy to understand and use just with a tap of a click on your smartphone. So let us see the features these Food Delivery Apps provide and why they have become so popular in the year 2022. 

Cashing in on the customer mindset

Food delivery app owners know that customers get bored cooking at home. Ordering food for family and friends while watching their favorite web series saves them from a lot of hassles of cooking, and then later clearing up and washing. A convenient food app is the easier way out! Isn’t it? 

While developing the food delivery app the app developer needs to have foresight about the demands and choices of the customer. Customers will keep coming back to the app for ordering food only if the app is easy and convenient to use. It should be easy for them to find their favorite restaurants and menu. The payment process on the app should be smooth and effortless.

Customer Registration and Creating a Profile

Customers will not complete their registration if the process involves a lot of hassles. So make it easy and simple. 

Food Search Made Easy

Here food is the main focus, so it should be an easier process for the user to locate restaurants with their menu.

Easy Payment Options 

While providing the customer with many payment gateway options it is very important to check the security of the payment apps that you are providing. Any threat to their security is not only a breach of trust but also potential damage to the reputation of the food delivery app owner. 

Timely Delivery

After the order has been set and the payments made, the real test is the delivery of the food. The delivery time is set for 40 minutes then ensure that the food is delivered at that time, this leaves the customer feeling less anxious and worried. This can be done by providing the contact details of the delivery person. 

Food Ratings

This is one of the incredible ways to get feedback on the quality, taste, and timely delivery of the food. The customer’s experience is valuable to improve the app in the future. To retain customers and their loyalty it is vital to have additional features like promos, offers, and push notifications. Customers are happy with discounts offered to them on food purchased in bulk or party orders. 

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Real-Time Tracking

After placing the order the users are always eager to know exactly when the order will arrive. Technology has enabled making real-time tracking of delivery guys on maps via GPS very easy. There are many food delivery software companies that provide this module easily. 

One of the most popular upcoming trends in Food Delivery is using drones for delivery. This has reduced food delivery time by a huge margin because drones go straight and directly to customers’ places avoiding traffic and zigzag roads(and even basic chit chat that a human driver may indulge in). This has also turned out to be very cost-effective for delivery team owners as salaries, human cost, petrol cost everything is reduced. Drones can be simply programmed to keep on doing deliveries non-stop using google maps. However, there are some challenges faced in drone delivery like it is not legal in many places and also if someone else takes the food from the drone instead of the customer it becomes difficult to track. Let’s see how this trend goes.

So developing a user-friendly food app is the only way app developers can connect with their customers who will continue to be loyal to them in the long run. The success of the business does not lie in staying ahead of the competition or achieving a sales target every month but having a steady stream of loyal customers who will always come back to the same food delivery app time and again.  

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