5 YouTube trends You Must Follow in 2023

What makes YouTube so much to talk about in recent times? Whether you have your own channel or you simply use it to skim through the visual content, this question must be there in your mind as well. YouTube has seen itself getting so much user engagement, thanks to the ever-evolving audience preferences and the creativity of video creators. 

A wide group of people has been using this precious video streaming platform for a long time now and it has reached new heights. Adding to it, Youtube has a total of over 2 billion users visiting the platform almost every month. As per the Social Media Examiner’s industry report, 55% of marketing professionals use YouTube as a medium of video marketing. As the stats speak for themselves, YouTube has a lot of potentials to make your channel a big success. 

As it is very well known, the trends which were previously followed may not be as effective if we talk about the present scenario. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to catch up with the recent trends that are prevalent today. Having said that, as a creator you need to cope with the ever-changing user needs. So what makes you generate superior and interesting content to keep your audience engaged?

One of the major factors contributing to your choice of content is the ongoing trends that have kept your audience on their toes. Yes, you have heard it right that ongoing trends always make it to the headlines and people are always eager to know about them. Similarly, Youtube also undergoes various enhancements and it also encompasses various trends that can be beneficial for you to vary your content as per your target audience. 

Now, let’s consider the following upcoming YouTube trends in 2022 that will assist you in creating the right content for your target audience.

Youtube Trends To Look Out For in 2023 

Answers to “how-to” questions will boost engagement

As it has always been observed, if your content provides a particular solution to your audience, then it tends to receive a lot of attention. If you are looking for some content creation ideas, you can opt for those topics for which people always seek assistance in performing their tasks. For instance, if your audience wants to know “how to write an article”, then you can provide them with a step-by-step guide on how to go about it.

This type of content is of great help for your audience today and in the coming years as well it will guide them to perform a specific task in a much better way. It has been found that people would always prefer to get some visual aid rather than reading a lengthy article. 

Having said that, you can continue to provide guidance to your target audience by publishing “how to” content on your channel as this type of content has better viewer retention. Furthermore, It enhances user engagement as well.

Implementing an effective strategy for YouTube Shorts

YouTube has introduced YouTube Shorts that have further opened new doors for you to target a wider group of people as it has a better reach. These are designed considering the fact that the viewers are not willing to watch lengthy videos. They want the message to be conveyed in a simple way within a short period of time. 

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As a result, YouTube Shorts are now very well recognized as the major aspect of YouTube that has received a lot of viewership from the audience. As per the website of earth web, YouTube Shorts get 15 billion unique viewers daily.

Adding to this, it should be taken as an opportunity to engage your target audience with such short videos highlighting trendy and interesting topics. Furthermore, these can also help you to set apart your channel from your competitors if you would implement your engagement strategies effectively. Let Youtube Shorts be one of the key approaches to meeting your SMART Goals of high engagement that you can monetize. 

Let the audience take the control of your content

One of the major contributors to enhancing the user engagement of your channel will be interacting with your audience. Earlier, you might be publishing content of your choice as per the trending topics. Now, the audience has shifted their focus from just watching the video to rather suggesting or asking the creator to publish something of their choice.

So how would you find what your audience wants to see? For that, you can run various polls, and live streams on your YouTube channel to interact with all your subscribers. Once you have the results in front of you, then you can provide your audience with the videos of their choice

This can further lead to more loyal subscribers to your channel and they are more likely to refer to your channel among their peers as well. This way, you can increase your followers too. So, let your subscribers pave the way for your self-improvement. 

Gamers will be in the limelight

Ever since the gaming world came into the limelight, gamers have started to create gameplay videos to keep a constant connection with their audience. To your surprise, gaming videos have grabbed a lot of attention from viewers.

As a creator, if you are fond of games then you can also create your gameplay video or you can live stream your gameplay on your channel. In 2020, it was observed that viewers spent over 100 billion hours watching gaming videos on Youtube. Subsequently, this figure is likely to increase in 2022 as we proceed further.

A blend of documentaries and series

You might have seen some of the series that were made in the documentary style. They are defined as “docuseries”. These videos explore really exciting topics such as true crime, action, sports, etc. These videos are quite engaging as they describe a particular person and how were they involved in certain real events or situations. Besides, this is where you can incorporate the benefits of storytelling marketing to great effect.  

Docuseries are created keeping in mind the audience and their obsession to binge-watch series. In the past two years, it is quite evident that more and more people are shifting their focus from traditional TV channels to OTT platforms. Unlike any other streaming platform, People are also using YouTube on their TV as well. 

This has made docuseries much more appealing to viewers who are using YouTube on their TV. In the U.S. only, the number of people watching YouTube content has risen from 17% in 2019 to 80% in March 2020.

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To conclude, YouTube has been kept under enormous pressure as it receives heavy traffic and hence it has also motivated the creators to keep up with the ever-changing trends. It is essential for you to have an optimum content creation strategy considering the current scenario and preferences of the viewers. Thus, it will lead to better visibility and user engagement in the long run.

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