7 Blogging Tips To Help You Write Better And Save Time

Every blogger understands that writing is not a simple task. While this is true, some vital tips can make your blogging journey smoother. Moreover, these tips save time and allow you to focus on other important stuff.

So, what are these vital and time-saving tips? A few include preparing your posts ahead of time, engaging in everyday writing, employing necessary templates, and so on. As you read further, you’ll find more detailed information on them and how they can help you improve your blogging experience. 

Why should you improve your writing?

The current state of the blogging industry is rather saturated. The competition is rising, and the chances of growing a blog are slimmer. Considering this fact, you need to put in more effort to keep your blog relevant.

Creating evergreen posts on your blog is crucial. By “evergreen,” we’re referring to posts or content that won’t expire over time. Even after years of posting, they’ll be relevant to many.

Another way is to revisit your old content to update its information. Updating the information on old posts is a perfect way to improve their SEO

Moreover, you can use specific tools to boost your blogging experience. A few include Affinda, Google Analytics, Wix, Hubspot’s Topic Generator, and Draftable.

Let’s now address some important time-saving blogging tips to help you write better.

7 Time-Saving Blogging Tips to Help You Write Better

The tips below have proven effective for a better blog writing experience. Check them out! 

Preparing Your Post Ahead of Time

The approach to blog writing differs among different bloggers. Some only write when they’re facing the blank computer screen. Although that may work for certain bloggers, it doesn’t make it the best approach. Why get yourself into that difficult state when you can sit down to prepare your content ahead of time? Besides, doing this can be handy when you’re short of writing inspiration. So you can start by preparing a list of the blog content subjects on which you wish to write. 

Most times, it’s best to gather as many blog post topics as possible when inspired. About 15 to 25 topics will be enough to start with. The ideas generated can be starting sentences, headlines, or links to different articles or websites. Additionally, they can be simple vital points to note. But the way your ideas come doesn’t matter as long as you are gathering them before time. You might be surprised at how much time this can save you.

Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar has several functions you can benefit from as a blogger. One of which is giving you access to anticipated posts. Additionally, it allows you to view each post’s authors, status, designers, and launched dates. Moreover, many marketing units employ this application to stay connected.

When working with an editorial calendar, it’s always important to keep things simple. Also, not all editorial calendars work for every kind of blog. While there are simple ones for small blogs, there are also bigger systems with several writers and complete editors for high-authority blogs.

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Furthermore, with an editorial calendar, writing gets much easier and faster. This is because it comes with a pre-thinking function. As such, you’re aware of what you want to write on even before time. In most cases, you can get the information a couple of days ahead.

Engaging In Everyday Writing

Experts in the blogging industry would attest that practicing every day is a sure way to improve your writing speed and efficiency. Moreover, there are other benefits you can get from everyday writing, such as an improved writing mindset.

As an experienced writer, you know that writing gets pretty difficult when in the wrong state of mind. But, as long as you can keep up the consistency, the chances are that you can build a better mental state of writing over time.

Employing Necessary Templates

Using templates for your blog content writing can save you as much as 20 minutes of editing work. How? Almost all content writing templates have a built-in setup, format, and content structure. Following these ready-made settings helps you to save time. Moreover, developing your templates is quite feasible. To do this, you will need some WordPress plug-ins like Elementor.

Employing AI works

One of the things you can do with an AI system is developing outlines for your blog posts. While that is valid, it is only a plus to its other functions. With an AI system, you can create your blog posts and other content types simply and quickly. An example to note is Jasper.

With this program, you can easily:

  • Explore different blog content ideas. As stated earlier, this can come in handy when gathering some blog post topics.
  • Develop marketing copy
  • Prepare a good introduction and conclusion of the content
  • Prepare a post rich in keywords

Don’t Focus More on Trending Posts

It’s easy to get carried away by trending posts from other bloggers. Often, this can happen in the belief that such posts will draw more traffic to your blog. But here’s what you need to know.

When you focus more on trending posts, you’re only presenting to your readers what they can fantasize over. However, this tends to draw them away from what they find pleasure reading. This does not imply that writing on trending content is out of place. But, always try to diversify your content so you can also focus on the primary interests of your readers.

Be more concise 

Most people in the present world are not overly interested in bulky content. It’ll benefit you to keep your blog posts simple and short. This makes it easy for readers to go through all the information contained in the post.

Furthermore, close-end posts are not an ideal way to sustain traffic. So, always make sure your posts are open-ended. This means you’re to leave a section for your readers to comment on what you’ve written.


Blog content creation isn’t an easy task to perform, but with the proper knowledge and skills, this can change. We’ve outlined some vital blogging tips to help to improve your blog content. Some include preparing your post ahead of time, making your content straight to the point, engaging in everyday writing, and so on. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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