Best Ad Networks For New Bloggers With Fast Approval

What are the Best Ad Networks apart from Adsense? We will discuss it here but let me ask you a question, Are you a new blogger and want to monetize your blog to start income with low traffic?

Actually when we think about monetizing the blog, the first name of advertising network that comes to our mind is no none other than AdSense. Yes, there is no doubt that AdSense is a great advertising network that provides quality ads.

Getting Adsense approval needs quality and unique content. Also, your blogs should have adequate content. You application might be rejected few times before final approval.

Actually, AdSense doesn’t compromise with their Ad quality. Therefore they also demand quality blogs. First, you will have to fulfill the criteria then you can get the AdSense approval it might take a long time for you to fulfill its requirement.

In this article, I am going to discuss some other advertising networks which provide approval to the new bloggers easily with minimum eligibility criteria.

This article will help small publishers who just started blogging and want to monetize the traffic.

You can find the various advertising network that will easily allow you to monetize your blog but beware of some fraud advertising networks because there were some fraud in the market. They will cheat you and also will refuse to pay even when your minimum payout is reached.

Here is some best advertising network other than AdSense that is genuine and will provide you pay on time.

Revenue hits

Revenue hits is one of the advertising networks which is best for new bloggers. As it doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirements.

Cost Per Action (CPA) : Revenue hits is a CPA Ad Network that means it pay only when specific action has been performed by the visitor such as signup for free newsletter or enter the contact details and name etc. It depends on CPA.

It places ad code on your blog and when your visitor clicks the ad and gives his or her name and email or details as per requirement of the advertisers you will get paid.

Payment amount of this advertisement network makes it outstanding because it minimum provide $10 and maximum $50 per action. Just imagine if there are two or three actions made per day as a new blogger it will be the best achievement for you.

Its minimum payout is $50. Once you earn the minimum threshold, they will release your payment. They pay by Paypal, Pioneer and direct bank transfer as per your choice.

Pros of revenue hits.

  • It provides very high click par action (CPA) rates.
  • Minimum payout is good as compared to the other ad networks.
  • It provides instant activation.

Cons of revenue hits

1. You will not get paid for any click or views it only pays for the action.


Pop ads

Pop ads is also one of the good advertisement networks for the new publishers because they don’t have any requirement of minimum number of traffic. It’s premium ad network.

Pop ads have been started in 2010 and provide approval quickly. Pop ads used to allow all types of websites such as illegal or adult rated websites also.

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It consists of one of the best features that is auto withdrawal option by opting this option you will automatically get paid when you reach the minimum payout amount.

Pros of pop ads

  1. It provides instant approval
  2. There is no minimum number of audience required
  3. It provides higher CPM rates than other networks
  4. Minimum payout is also less that is $5
  5. Auto money withdrawal option is there.

Cons of Pop ads

  • They only provide payment through PayPal or Pioneer


Propeller ads

Propeller ads is best for any beginners because it provides easy activation for the ads.

Just after sign up you can easily create ads and place it to your blog. They provide $1 to $4 per thousand views the minimum payout is $100.

It is great for beginners it has very fewer eligibility criteria for the monetization of blog.

Propeller ads used to provide payment using Payoneer, WebMoney Z and also some other transaction methods.



Bidvertiser is founded in 2002. It is one of the oldest advertisement networks. It is best for the beginners as they provide a large range of ads formats that means you can place more number of ads.

The minimum payout they are providing to the website is $10 (If you are using PayPal) and $20 for cheque payment and the minimum payout is $50 via bank transfer.

Pros of Bidvertiser

  1. A lot of Ad formats is provided that means your earning will be more and you    can place ads as you want.
  2. They provide easily sign up process for new bloggers.
  3. The minimum payout is also very low that is $10

Cons of Bidvertiser

  1. They are not able to provide high-quality ads
  2. Earning potential is also low
  3. The interface looks outdated



Infolink is one of the best advertising network that is popular in between new bloggers and it’s also very user-friendly.

Infolinks used to offer ads of different types in which their textual ads are very popular.

Pros of infolinks

  • It is a trusted advertising company that means you will able to get quality ads
  • They provide timely payment.

Cons of infolinks

  • Minimum payout is high that is $50.



All of the above-discussed advertisement networks are good for new bloggers. They are not as good as the popular premium ad networks such as AdSense, Medianet etc. But if you want to earn online at the beginning level definitely it is going to help you.


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