How To Choose Blogging Niche For Your Blog

Deciding the niche is one of the most important task in your blogging career. In simple words niche means the topic on which your blogs will be based on.

It’s not a rocket science to choose a proper blogging niche for your blog. While starting blog new bloggers really gets very confused about the blogging niche. As we start writing on a new topic today and then after finding that it not appropriate them we jump to the next topic next day. This is the common problem for every new bloggers, who is going to start blogging for very first time. I have also faced a lot of problems while selecting my proper niche and I have also changed a lot of niche then at last I have come to a conclusion with a perfect niche for me. Therefore I have decided to write an article for bloggers who are having same problem as I have faced. As if we start writing about technology and after getting it difficult or getting influenced and attracted from other successful blogs, we start writing on another topic. This will scatter yourself and your audience which you have made, because your audience will not be accepting this longer. It’s just like “If anyone likes cars and bikes you are giving them health advice”. Then how can they get attracted to your blogs. Take an example of any successful blogging website and read their blogs they are only based upon their selected niche so that they can target their audience. how to start blog

Here are some tips for you to decide the niche.

When deciding your niche you should concentrate on various aspects. Such as if you are starting your blog for profit, you should start advertiser friendly niche. Avoid niches that gives you a large number of visitors but very few sponsors.

There are some topics like

  • free SMS
  • free wallpapers
  • WhatsApp tips
  • Movie Downloads

This type of niche gives you a lot of visitors in very less period of time. Keep in mind these visitors will not help you earn your livelihood. So you should go for the niche which can give you quality traffic as well as it should make money for you.

If you want a successful blogging business you should have to target for your future also. If you are going to start blogging about which doesn’t have any future or may be that niche will not be popular in the future. Therefore always think about the niche that should have future scope. Just look feature phones which has now become our past the new smart phones market has taken all of its place. You should always have keen eyes on these things and should be sure about the upcoming future of your niche.

Here is some questions and points please give answer to yourself.

  • Do you have interest in that particular niche
  • Are you master in your niche?
  • That niche is having business value or not
  • What are the number of searches monthly, yearly for that niche.
  • Is it in trend or not? Does it have future?
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let’s go through these points to select your appropriate niche. If you have selected one then also go through it, to know if it is good or not.


There are various topics in which we are interested in such as football, music, television shows, and celebrity. All the things revolve around us when we start deciding our niche. The best way is make a list of all the interest and hobbies you are having maybe it will be ten or twenty. Let it be, just make a list.

Passion or Profit or Both

Yes, there is question what are you going to choose from your passion or profit or both.

You can find number of topics which is very trendy these days and ruling on Google. So why don’t you start on that topic. Take example of technology, it is very trendy these days.

Let’s imagine you have started blogging on technology.  You can enough information on this topic in google to start your blog but what if you are not interested in this topic?

We know that blogging is not one day work. For making it successful and to continue its success it will take a long process and time also. In beginning you may not get enough number of visitors to your blog and also don’t expect profit. You will have to work without any income or maybe very small income. Do you really think that you can continue writing blog on technology without getting any profit for one to two year?

Number of bloggers start their blogs doing this and end up very early because they don’t have interest in that field. I will suggest you to go with the topic of your interest. It will not make you bored and you will also perform better in your blog.

Competition between your interests

Now you have prepared your list of interest. So let’s start with the first interest by which you are very fascinated. You should think upon various aspects, how is it getting competition in the market. Is it something unique or not? Reality is trendy contents seems to be very fascinating but they have a lot of competition in the market. If you are more dedicated to face all the competition and have confidence on yourself.  Then go for it. If you are not sure then I will suggest you to move for the next which can lead you to face less competition and something unique. You should to go for that one maybe it will take more time but after long run it will be very profitable because unique and something new idea become popular in very less time. You can get an example of fidget spinner nowadays it has become one of the world trendy toy and every child want it. Therefore just look at to the market also.

Long-term potential

Yeah it’s also one of the term you should consider while selecting your niche. Someone is not going to start blogging only for one or two years or for a certain period of time. It should contain long-term potential and remain in future also. Choose the topic which is timeless and trendy you can also search the trendy topic on Google trends. How much popular this topic has been in particular year. You will get the whole data about trendy contents.

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Why people should read your blog?

Now your list would have become around 3 to 4 topics from this you have to select your topic. It may be

  1. Travelling blogs.
  2. Educational blogs
  3. Basic writing or it can be said as personal blog.

I was in my college due to an unfortunate event. I have got year drop due to this and various pressure.  I had got depression and had faced lot of problem and after getting out from all the problems now I have completed my degree in engineering. From that the thing come into my mind to start blog for the students who are really going through that type of situations which I have faced earlier. Therefore I have started writing upon student problem, types of problems which comes to engineering life. Actually that event only has given me my topic or it can be said that my niche to start my blog. That’s why today I am here. Actually you can also get your niche from your life experience. Also blogging is not only about educating people and sharing your knowledge blogging itself will teach you many things. I hope all about discussion will help you to find your best niche.

I believe now you will be able to choose your niche wisely.


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