Learn How To Get Started With Guest Posting

Guest blogging is always beneficial for the bloggers as it attracts a lot of traffic to their website. As you will write guest blogs then it will definitely attract the different audience from their blogs. Guest blogging is very necessary for the new bloggers as it give them experience and also increases there writing techniques. Guest posting also one of the best way to get high quality backlinks which help you to increase your Search Engine Optimisation. For guest blogging you should also keep in mind that the website to which you want to write should be very popular and high ranking. You should come with a quality article to present to their audience. Always write the article similar to their niche as if the website is about health and you will post a blog about production then it will be waste of time becuase blog editor will not approve it. Here I am going to discuss various steps you should keep in mind who start guest posting

Guest Posting

1. Write a unique content

First you should start with writing a post. The post should be unique enough to be easily acceptable by the bloggers. You should first go through the topics that has been already covered in that blogging website, because if you write the same topic, it cannot be accepted by the owner. If your blogs are not accepted then don’t feel panic. Because it can be published to the another website also. The labour which you have done will not go in vain. You should also ask for the feedback why your blog post don’t have get accepted. Their feedback will also be helpful for you to make a change in your writing style.


2. Contact the blog admin/Editor

Many blog website owners easily accept the proposal of new bloggers for posting their blogs for that you will have to talk to him if you know him personally. Or, if you don’t know him, you can write a email along with a link of some of your best blogs. Mentioning that you want to make a guest post on their website, also never forget to mention your mail id and your social networking information. The bloggers can go through your blogs to watch the quality of your writing then they can decide to give you permission or not.

3. Now this is the time to capture traffic on your blogs

After your “guest post” is published by the website owner. Definitely it is going to give you a lot of traffic to your blogs. As per the quality of your blog post that you have posted on their website. Always mention your post with email that can be used for subscriptions by the various new audience. Try to attract them to your blogs by giving them best.

4. Now it’s time for promoting your guest post.

It’s obvious that you will get a lot of visitors on your blogs by posting as a guest. Because the host website definitely having a lot of audience. But you should not be happy with that audience only. You should promote your work to your social media websites such as Facebook page, Twitter or any other social media platform on which you are active. It should be just after your guest posting. Don’t hesitate to do this. You can also requested blog owner to attach link of your other blogs also to it. If he will be pleased enough he can give you permission that will be very beneficial to you.

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5. Connect with their audience by replying to their comment.

The blogger is providing you a platform to show yourself and to promote yourself. Then it should be also your duty to don’t just leave after your blog posting is done. Try to give reply to their audience comments and answer the related questions. Don’t leave their audience without answered. That will help you to build a good relationship with that blogger and also help you to build authority and get a lot of traffic to your blogs also.




Guest posting is a win win for blogger and the contributor. Blogger gets the fresh content for their audience and contributor gets the new platform to get introduced to new audience.


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