How To Start a Blog

Before you ask this question, let me answer it. You can make millions of dollars each month by blogging. Blogging has become the most popular trend these days. When we go through the search engine there are millions of blogs available. If you are having a passion for writing and you can connect with people through your words then blogging is best for you.

So you are going to start a blog and want to make money from it

Here I am going to discuss a complete guide for beginners, who are going to start a blog from the very beginning level.

There are various reasons you can start your blogs. Just like in this open world you can do anything. You can start blogging in any particular niche (topics).  You can make blogs on whatever you want. Just like “how are you feeling today”, or “ how was your trip to Manali” you can start a blog to promote your business also.

how to start blog

Many people start a blog, but they fail to get succeed. There were various reasons for failure that I will discuss in my next blog. One of the most important things in blogging is you have to be creative and continuous and should also have patience because blogging not going to make money for you overnight after an interval of time and hard labor. It will definitely be going to make money for you.  You can use advertisements or different blog monetization techniques to earn from your blogs.

In this article, I will guide you on the various things which you should know and what you should do before starting and after starting your blogs. Blogging can give you success but you should always step in the right direction and should continuously walk towards your goal. Then you will definitely get handsome income per month as other successful bloggers get.

There are various skills that a successful blogger should have and if you are going to start a blog the first and most important thing is writing. You should really connect to the people with your writing. It should be easily understood. You should always enhance your writing skills by practicing and learning from the other blogger as much you will go into the well of blogging as you will learn. You should always possess an attitude to learn if you are learning then your mistakes will also give you a lesson.

Blogging platform

If you are a beginner and going to start blogging the very first time. You can get a free blog platform like Blogspot to start your blogging. It is the best platform to start your blogs for beginners. If you are thinking for the long term then there are various platforms available such as WordPress.

But in my opinion, first of all, you should start with Google Blogspot. Because it is the easiest and simplest platform where you can start blogging without having any technical knowledge also. At least you will be able to learn many basics of blogging on google blogger.

After getting more knowledge about blogging with the help of professionals you should create a unique blogging website on the WordPress platform. You can also create a WordPress website on your own if you are having some technical skills. It’s not very tough work.

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Decide your Niche

When you are going to start your blog very first thing you should decide is your niche. Niche means the topic on which your blogs will based on. The niche should be very familiar to you.

There are various things you should consider before selecting your niche these are the following:-

  • Do you have knowledge of that particular niche?
  • Do you have an interest in that particular niche?
  • Is this topic will be proper for you in the long run.

After getting the answer to these three questions you can surely decide your niche.

You should never mix the topics such as if your niche is about automobiles then you should write about “automobiles”, “production of automobiles”, and “ upcoming technology of automobiles”. If your niche is about health then you should completely stick to your niche. Your all articles and content should move around your niche. Many people do this mistake and mix their topics making them lost very soon.

We always make mistakes by choosing some popular niche that is popular on search engines. But I suggest you go with your own interest. The field in which you have an interest you should start blogging in that particular field only. Because that will be the only thing you can create with your heart and it will be perfect. If possible select a niche about your hobbies to start a blog. Because if you do the work in which you have an interest you will not get disappointed. if you do not get money at an earlier stage and you can continue doing the work of your interest.  To get detail about “how to choose your perfect blogging niche”  I will discuss in my other article.

Web hosting and domain

Now we are having an idea about blogging and also selected our niche. Now we need web hosting and a domain to get started.

For Blogspot, you don’t require a web hosting account you can simply get a custom domain. Blogspot provides a free domain name like “”. You can get a branded domain name by making the expense of a few amount of money of $2 to $10. Branded domain be like “” or “” that will enhance your SEO always choose a domain that revolves around the blog’s niche you have decided. Don’t make any funky domain name as beginners generally do. You should have an appropriate domain name that is catchy and attractive and simply define your niche. After reading your domain name anyone should understand what will be inside.

Now if you have made up your mind to spend some amount of money on your blogging then I will suggest you go with WordPress blogs. After that, you will require hosting.  We need hosting to host our files it plays an important role in blogging. There are various hosting services providers are available but choosing a good host will help you get good support and good uptime.

Here is the list of best WordPress hosting that you can buy

The next step is to learn SEO

Yes, it’s  SEO. Many beginner bloggers even just not heard the name of SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Actually, Search Engine Optimization helps your blog to get easily find on search engines such as Google search. It enhances your web ranking.  When we search for something on Google it shows the relevant results. As per the web ranking, there are various websites that comes first into the picture.

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For bloggers, it is one of the most difficult tasks but it’s not as much difficult as it has been heard if you are going to expand 1 to 2 hours daily you will definitely learn the basics of SEO as much you will go longer you will get the knowledge about SEO there are also professionals available in the market for SEO you can also hire them by expanding some amount of money for your blogs

Design for your blogs

Now you have decided on your niche and are ready to start your work. The next thing you will require is a good design/theme for your blog. Yes, it is most important because just getting an attractive design. You can attract a lot of audiences and make them come again and again to your blog. A good-looking and fast-loading blog always attracts the audience and helps you to get a good bounce rate. There are various free designs available in WordPress. You can also buy premium themes that are more attractive and they are not very expensive or simply you can get themes from Google and can find many resources from where you can get a nice theme for your blogs.

Writing your first article

After gathering all the knowledge about WordPress, SEO, and theme design the next most important thing in writing your articles. Your first article should be most impressive and should show the ability of your writing. There are various blogs available on the internet about how to write your articles. You can go through it and have an idea about “how to write proper articles for your audience”.  You should constantly write articles at certain intervals so that your audience should not have to wait for your articles and they will have a proper engagement in your blogs.

Getting traffic on your blogs

Whatever you have done till now all will go in vain if you are not getting an audience for your blogs. Therefore getting an audience Is also one of the most important tasks. You should do a lot of work and will have to work on many techniques to get traffic to your blogs. Only making content will never going to give you an audience. You will have to make your own audience by promoting your blogs on social media platforms.  You should have a good interaction with your audience and regularly communicate with them and answer their questions reply to their comments will help you to make an audience and increase your traffic.


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