10 Step Guide to Become a Blogger as a Student

Guide to Become a Blogger as a Student: Blogging has been increasingly popular in recent years, and practically everyone wants to try their hand at it. However, to be a successful blogger, one must grasp the necessary procedures for improving the blog’s ranking. There are different reasons why people write, and not every writer can become a blogger. 

Writing in an academic setting has its own set of standards and laws to obey. For instance, the pattern to write an essay is different from a blog post. Blogging is a broad industry, and one must understand how to rank blogs to run a successful online writing business. 

10 Step Guide to Become a Blogger as a Student

Students can also become bloggers if they take into consideration the following points:

Choose the Appropriate Niche and Target Market

Make sure you select a topic that you are passionate about. When you write about something you’re enthusiastic about, your work will be more creative. The majority of the time, aspiring writers choose themes that have limited scope or are tough to write about. People should be inspired by your site because of your personal views. You get a chance to share your personal experiences in a unique way when you write on a topic relating to your industry.

Consistency is the Key

You may start a travel blog and convert it into a business if you enjoy traveling. You may get a lot of traffic by writing about your vacation adventures and uploading images you took. As a result, your blog will rank higher on Google. You will be given the option of earning money through adverts and other means. All you have to do is keep writing consistently and providing quality content to your viewers.

Explore Popular Topics on Social Media

Look for social media subjects that are currently popular. You can acquire ideas from current events and critical concerns that have grabbed the public’s interest. Instead of disputing them in the same way, you might present them from diverse perspectives. When you use logical reasoning to support your claims or points of view, you will acquire a lot of respect from the audience. You can use hashtags to find current topics or join talks about topics relevant to your area to find out what’s trending. 

Convey Thought-Provoking Messages

By providing meaningful material that can change people’s ideas, you can become an influencer. Make them aware of the challenges that need to be addressed, as well as how a regular citizen can contribute to the advancement of society. You can motivate people from all walks of life. With your ideas for change, you may inspire others from all walks of life. It will get you widespread support and enable you to speak out on major platforms.

Include Captivating Headlines

Your blog posts should have attention-grabbing headlines that raise the reader’s curiosity. You can come up with catchy one-liners that give a quick overview of your topic. You have probably seen headlines in newspapers and other online publications that entice you to read the entire piece. This is due to well-thought-out methods that persuade people to read the entire content. If your headline appears as a normal topic, it will not be able to create a strong impact on the reader. 

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Be Concise and Focused

Do not attempt to create large pieces that are dense with words and may appear boring and ineffective. When your main heading focuses on a pressing subject, it immediately grabs the reader’s attention. You may also create eye-catching posters and layouts to promote your blog across multiple platforms. Pinterest helps to create incredible stories that get a lot of attention. To invite visitors to your blog, simply write a headline article with links to your site. You can make it aesthetically pleasing by adding animations and colorful icons. 

Create Unique and Quality Content

Introduce your innovative writing style by uniquely presenting your points of view. By bringing fresh concepts, you can produce aesthetically appealing material. The reader should find your style of presentation interesting. By blogging on a variety of themes, you may give your blog a personal touch and establish your brand. It also aids in the development of your skills and the expansion of your web presence. If your blog is successful, you may be able to develop online ties with well-known authors.

Add HD Videos 

Instead of writing lengthy how-to articles, make a quick video tutorial that contains all the important points. It will not only help you deliver your message more effectively, but it will also save you a lot of time and effort in the writing process. To make a video, simply create colorful graphics and put them in a series with transition effects. Various video editors can also be used to modify the features of video and enhance its quality. It makes the information engaging and exciting for the readers. 

Advertise Your Blogs on Various Platforms

Nowadays, it is not difficult to promote your brand online. You can make business pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to advertise your blogs. It generates quick traffic and people from various search engines can visit your website. You can also promote your services through guest posting and bring more audience to your blog. You also get access to many entrepreneurship ideas for students to diversify your writing experiments. It enhances your expressive abilities and aids in more command over language and composition. 

Backlinking and Email Subscription 

By generating an email subscription list, you can start inviting visitors with welcoming messages to connect with them more effectively. You can then pick the right format for the email subscription box-like opt-in popups or smart lightbox popups. Backlinks can also be generated to enhance your reach and advertise your blog posts smartly. Instead of directly promoting it which may appear odd, you can insert links to your site naturally within the blog post and get it published on any famous site. 

Increase the Time Spent on Reading

Reading books, blogs, journals, etc. of experienced authors helps you gain excellence in crafting writeups. You should pay attention to how sentences have been composed and how different styles of writing are used to fulfill the purpose. It guides you a lot in improving your vocabulary and composition. You get motivated to share your experiences more effectively and create an impact on the reader. You can make it a habit by reading a few pages per day at the start to develop an interest in it. 

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Enhanced Critical Thinking Ability

Make a list of well-known authors and good works of literature that will help you improve your writing skills. You will be able to develop your critical thinking skills as well as study numerous writing styles to choose which one best matches your needs. You may then more precisely explain the event or experience and convey it in a logical order. When you critically evaluate any piece of literature, you will be able to apply the same consideration to your writing. Your confidence is boosted to give your ideas a sense of direction. 

Make Your Blog Stand Out by Customization

There are thousands of free and paid themes available for WordPress as well as website builders. You can customize your blog easily with the help of plugins and make the online experience worth it. Stick to the professional displays to give your blog a business touch. You can choose a theme as per your niche, for instance, green and blue go well with health-related websites. Similarly, you can make a proper color scheme related to any of your chosen areas. Your brand logo should give the idea of a chosen theme precisely. 

Image-Heavy and Text-Heavy Themes

Select the theme that suits the type of content you plan to share. If you are writing excessive content, the text-heavy theme can be best for this purpose. In case of inclusion of more images, use the image-heavy theme. When your blog appears well-structured to the reader, it generates a good impression in his mind. You can personalize the template or theme as per your needs by using plugins and customized tools. You must have a good understanding of the ways these themes can be applied. You can take help from experts or check out helpful tips online. 

Use SEO to Rank Better on Google

SEO is a short form for Search Engine Optimization and it is used for improving the visibility of the information you have shared on Google. When you produce quality content and insert relevant keywords with great search engine volume, it helps your website rank better. You can use various tools like Keyword Explorer and find out the most required keywords.  To learn about SEO, you can join several courses or watch free tutorials on online platforms. There is so much knowledge available online that can be easily accessed online. 

Try Google Analytics

One of the best things about working on Google is the in-built software and tool like Google Analytics. You can check out the impressions and visits on your blog post and analyze the stats. It helps you understand the interests of readers and design future posts accordingly. You can also try out more features that help you plan your posts as per the latest trends. By the use of plugins like Yoast SEO, you can create your post by following search engine optimization techniques. 

Build an Online Community

You should build a strong online community with people from across the globe. This can be done by getting your blogs published on various sites, joining different online courses, and creating social media pages for your brand. When you engage actively with people from different regions, you can understand their interests and invent new topics on which you can write. It paves way for more creativity and helps you craft more authentic and purposeful pieces. 

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Join Online Campaigns and Forums

There are numerous online forums like Quora etc. where healthy discussions on plenty of topics take place. You can enter a keyword and get access to a great variety of topics surrounding that keyword. When you write the content in your style, it gives you a distinguished identity and helps you achieve bigger goals. Your way to perceive things broadens up and you get a chance to collect ideas from experts in various fields. You can also participate in debates and contests for building more connections and gaining recognition. 

Approach Industry-Specific Websites

You should have a well-decided industry or niche on which you create content. Try to focus on one industry at a time. When you bring diversity to a single niche, it sets up a standard for your blog. You appear to be more professional and confident about your area. If you want to make a lifestyle blog, it can have different topics like recipes, traveling, family, etc. to create a mixed bag. This kind of blogging facilitates more creativity and freestyle writing.

Be Goal-Oriented

Before executing any plan, it is essential to have clarity of goals in the head. If you want to continue blogging with dedication, you need the domain name, industry, and hosting service for your blog first. You can buy a premium service or continue with a free one until you succeed in creating an established online website. Various discount packages are offered to help you continue your passion without much burden. You need to set a well-planned goal for staying motivated to achieve milestones for fulfilling it. 


Assigned academic projects provide students with opportunities to practice writing. To earn good scores, they must adhere to the prescribed format and rules. Writing as a blogger necessitates a unique set of skills, and not everyone is gifted with the ability to express themselves well. As a student, you will need to follow the aforementioned guidelines to achieve your blogging goals. Try them out to witness the magic like never before. 


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