5 Best WordPress Plugins To Create Online Courses

Teaching your audience to what you know may be an important task you do for your audience.

All the bloggers and entrepreneurs or freelancers, they are adding online courses to their blogs.

This is a very good way to help others and set yourself up as an expert in your field. If you are going to launch a course, the first thing you’ll have to find the software that will help you to create an online course.

Online courses are not like simple blogs. If you are teaching someone, whether it is paid course or you are providing free course, you will need a profile of your students to check their progress.

If you are running a paid course then your website should have a payment method so that your users can enroll for your course.

There are so many ways to get online payment, such as Paypal, Stripe or 2Checkout, which you can use to receive payments from your students.

Today, many plugins are available in WordPress for producing e-learning courses. Some of them are very user friendly, which means that you can create your own e-learning website without hiring a developer.

If you want, you can use your existing WordPress website to host your course.
These plugins of e-learning are like the regular plugins of the Word Press, which you can install and access from your WordPress control panel dashboard.

In some cases, you may need to install the add-ons in your e-learning plugins to add some more functions.

Now I am going to tell you which are the best plugins that can help you to create and edit e-learning courses:

best wordpress plugins

WP Courseware

The minimum amount required to use this plugin is 99 dollars. With this plugin you can create a competition, Drag and drop builder and provide drip content and also it can provide certificates.

The WP Courseware is very important for WordPress users who prefer their website building using drag and drop interface.

Any course can be added in the same way as if you are putting a new post.
It’s also very easy to add media content such as audio and video.

As soon as you add all of your content, you can organize them all by the easy to use course builder plugins.

The WP Courseware also offers you the convenience of giving your modules as per date you selected. So that you can already decide which content will be posted at what interval of time.

The advantage of using the WP Courseware is that it is available in less cost than the other plugins and it is also very easy to use.

One drawback to using the WP Courseware is that there is no built-in payment system in it.

Learn Dash

The minimum amount you will have to pay to use this plugin is 159 dollars.

With this plugin you will get inbuilt payment system, can create a quiz, multiple instructors and provide drip contents also it provides pre-requisite courses.

The Learn Dash is a feature-packed plugin that is focused on providing the best learning experience for traditional learning locations such as schools and universities.
It is very good to work primarily on large projects in which a lot of courses can be run at one go.

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In this you will not need to put plugins from any different source. The Learn Dash has its own functionality for the membership which can be done on the WordPress site through a native user registration system.

The advantage of using Learn Dash is that it is the best in all the plugins and there are many features available in it.

There is an only disadvantage of using Learn Dash that it can take a lot of time to learn its interface.

Lifter LMS

The Lifter LMS is one of the wordpress plugins that you can use for free.

With this plugin item you will get inbuilt payment system, can create a quiz, multiple and membership functionality and drip contents also it provides features of students profile and coupans.

Lifter LMS is a free plugin which is suitable for small learning projects where the budget is low.

You will not believe in hearing that it is so much easier to work with it and you have all the functions of Paid Plugins.

One important thing to notice that for payment integration function there requires a paid add on.

For adding a payment gateway, you need to add an add-on that cost around 99 dollars per add-ons, such as PayPal, Stripe or Woo Commerce etc.

There is a WordPress theme named “Launch Pad” that you can buy to customize your course design very well.

The advantage of using Lifter LMS is that it is very good to create basic e-learning courses.

The disadvantage of Lifter LMS is that there are so many paid add-ons in it, for other integration and for free users no customer support is available. If you just want to explore the possibility you can try this free plugin.


Sensei cost you around 129 dollars for adding this to your wordpress website.

It comes with the features of pre installed Woocommerce integration and various features such as quiz stylus, question bank, certificates etc.

Sensei plugin designed by the same developer of WooCommerce.

It is designed in such a way that its payment gateways can be linked to Woocommerce and you can sell your courses in the same way as anyone sell their products on an ecommerce website.

If you create your own e-learning website with a sensei, then you will not have to pay for payment gateway for paid courses.

The courses which are prepared using sensei are separated into different lessons, which is like a standard wordpress posts and page.

As the sensei has been created to work with all the popular themes, plug-ins creators have released a guide such as to remove the design problem which comes in the use of the sensei plugin.

There may be some tiredness in configuring the sensei as it depends on Woocommerce for payments gateway.

But this may be a great option for them, who are a familiar from the Woocommerce.

The advantage of using sensei is that its coding is very clean and its Woocommerce integrated and it provides a lot of free extensions or additional quality to its users.

The biggest disadvantage to use sensor is that it can be hard to set up for non-technical users

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Learn Press

Learn Press is a free plug-ins created by ThimPress which is available with many free and premium add-ons for additional functionality.

The plugin adds a LearnPress tab in WordPress Dashboard where you can start creating an online course and quiz.

Some drag and drop features are available to the visual editors, but this is not as advanced as what is in the WP courseware

LearnPress is integrated with many basic functions such as creating quiz, Limiting Number of Students and Payment Gateway. In addition to this you will need to install add-ons.

At the time of writing, there are 23 add-ons available in Learnpress, out of which eight are free plugins, with offline payment and buddypress integration also exists in free pack. There are 15 add-ons available as paid add-ons such as content drip and stripe payment.

The advantage of using LearnPress that it enables you to create an interactive course as free plug-ins.

There is also a loss of using the LearnPress that there are very few features in it.

Are you creating Courses for your students? We can help you. Just contact us.

Update: this was written 3 years ago and their have been many more advanced themes are launched for learning websites.


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